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Vogelperspektive von Munjack Cay mit Bucht und Strand in Abaco, Bahamas. Grüne Schildkröten und Stachelrochen bewohnen das Gebiet., Bild: pics721/shutterstock

The most beautiful Caribbean islands

Crystal clear waters and dreamy bays, dense rainforests and exotic animals – the Caribbean offers limitless possibilities and a perfect mix of adventure, exploration and relaxation. Over 7,000 islands and archipelagos attract several million sun-seekers to the Caribbean paradise every year. But which island is the right one? With these ten top travel destinations, nothing is left to be desired!

1. Aruba

Aruba, Caribbean
Aruba in the Caribbean, Image: Steve Photography / shutterstuck

Endless white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and beautiful resorts make the westernmost of the three ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) a true dream destination of the Caribbean. Aruba belongs to the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and, with an average temperature of 28 degrees, offers an ideal holiday paradise for sun worshippers, kitesurfers and nature lovers all year round. The predominantly flat island with its beautiful beaches invites you to relax and do nothing or play a game of beach tennis – the trend sport of the island. Although the island is one of the four equal countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands , it enjoys complete internal autonomy with its own currency, government and constitution.

2. Cuba

There’s always something going on on Cuba’s streets, Image: EvijaF / shutterstock

Colonial cities, vintage cars in bright colors, hot salsa rhythms or a classic Cuba libre on one of Varadero’s beautiful sandy beaches – the charm of Cuba makes everyone go into raptures and the Cuban joie de vivre is definitely contagious! The largest metropolis in the Caribbean offers its visitors a perfect mix of beach and cultural holidays, relaxation and adventure. The cultural and political center of the island is the capital Havana, which is home to a breathtaking old town with many UNESCO-listed treasures.

3. Bahamas

The popular tourist destination is located north of Cuba and inspires its visitors with countless shopping opportunities, pristine beaches and a breathtaking underwater world. Huge coral reefs invite you to dive and snorkel, while in the evening you can indulge in one of the many boutique hotels or luxury resorts. One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, the “Pink Beach”, is located on Harbour Island – one of the approximately 700 Bahamas islands.

4. Guadeloupe

Gouadeloupe from above
View of Gouadeloupe, Image: Robert Bleecher / shutterstock

Guadeloupe consists of several inhabited and uninhabited islands, with the two main islands of Guadeloupe being shaped like a butterfly and located between Dominica in the south and Montserrat in the north. The green island in the middle of the French Caribbean is also part of the Lesser Antilles and inspires above all with its colorful flora and fauna. In addition to national parks, thermal springs and an active volcano, Guadeloupe is also home to the largest rainforest in the Caribbean, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers.

5. St. Lucia

Saint Lucia
St. Lucia, Image: Esposito Photography / shutterstock

The scenic diversity of St. Lucia with tropical rainforests, rushing waterfalls and dreamlike palm bays is an absolute highlight for nature enthusiasts and romantics. But those interested in culture will also get their money’s worth with fortresses and plantations from the colonial era. An absolute highlight of the island is the “Sulphur Springs” – the only drivable volcanic crater in the world.

6. Dominica

Dominica, Image: emperorcosar / shutterstock

The untouched rainforest as well as the lush and original vegetation give the island of Dominica its nickname “the Nature Island”. The sparsely populated island is a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and quiet. Divers can experience a spectacular underwater world, while hikers explore the island and its flora and fauna on foot.

7. Curacao

Beautiful, crystal clear waters, spectacular coral reefs and breathtaking marine life offer divers and water sports enthusiasts on Curacao a perfect holiday destination. The island is considered a paradise on earth and is known worldwide for the world-famous liqueur “Blue-Curacao”, which is also produced on the island. As an autonomous state of the Netherlands, Curacao is one of the ABC Islands and is characterized by many European influences.

8. Bonaire

Bonaire offers a lot of peace and quiet and fantastic beaches, Image: Studio Barcelona / shutterstock

The Dutch island of Bonaire is ideal for a holiday all year round due to the consistently warm and dry weather conditions. The holiday paradise has been spared from mass tourism to this day and the untouched beaches and pristine nature are ideal for watching iguanas, flamingos and wild herds of donkeys. The natural nature of the island offers paradisiacal tranquility and invites you to relax. With one of the most colorful underwater worlds in the Caribbean and almost no current in the waters off the island, Bonaire is one of the best diving spots in the world.

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis

The island state is a true holiday paradise for romantics. Separated by a canal, the island state consists of the two islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Due to its volcanic origin, the island is rich in lush and colorful flora. The dreamy mountain island captivates with wide sandy areas, tropical rainforests and rugged volcanic groups.

10. Sint Maarten

The paradisiacal names of some beaches such as “Paradise Peak” or “Happy Bay Beach” alone speak for the island of Sint Maarten. The southern part of the island belongs to the Netherlands, with the north being occupied by the French overseas territory of Saint Marten. A visit to both parts is definitely worthwhile! Since the interior of the island is hardly populated, hikers get their money’s worth here and can explore Sint Maarten on foot in peace. An absolute highlight of the island is probably the Princess Juliana Airport, which is located directly on the beach. Many onlookers and tourists are attracted here by a breathtaking and rare sight: the planes fly so low over the beach that it looks as if they are landing directly on the beach – where holidaymakers are sunbathing. Definitely worth a photo!