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Mit dem Kreuzfahrtschiff in die Karibik, Bild: Romolo Tavani / shutterstock

Adventure holiday cruise on the sea

In expanses of deep blue water, the MS Amadea glides over the sea. Couples in love are standing at the railing and in the background we see the fascinatingly beautiful stern wave that the ship leaves behind. In the evening there is a gala dinner in white uniform and evening dress. Pictures that we get to see of the Phoenix ship in its role as ZDF Traumschiff in the course of each episode. This is exactly how many people still imagine a cruise today. Quiet, contemplative and even stuffy are terms that creep in in this regard. Cruises offer much more and bring advantages that no normal package holiday allows you.

Cruisers can use vacation time more effectively

Cruise Islands
A cruise ship off Santorini, Image: Georgios Tsichlis / shutterstock

See and experience a lot in a short time stress-free. Three criteria that no other form of holiday fulfils as perfectly as the cruise. Barcelona today, Rome the day after tomorrow and Naples a day later. By plane or coach a stressful affair in which you lose many hours of vacation. On the cruise ship, the holiday continues while the captain heads for the next destination. How you can enjoy this time on board depends on the concept of the chosen shipping company as well as the ship. Those who like it quiet and value upscale service and luxury will feel at home on the MS Europa 2, for example.

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The multi-award-winning five-star plus ship is a floating luxury hotel. Things are more relaxed and colorful on AIDA’s kissing mouth ships. Here, holidaymakers will find a touch of Ballermann feeling and Ibiza holidays. On the way to new ports, passengers can be entertained by entertainers and dance the night away in the evenings at parties or in the disco on board. The successful combination of luxurious elegance and a lively fun atmosphere can be found on the ships of the Italian shipping company MSC. On the one hand, much of the décor makes passengers feel like they’re on a luxury liner: stairs with Swarovski stones, live music on a white grand piano in an elegant artrium, and evening wear on a gala night. On the other hand, there is the Italian attitude to life with music, pool parties and animation.

Cruise on American fun cruisers

America is the land of unlimited opportunities. So it is not surprising that the largest and most spectacular ships can be found with American shipping companies. If you decide to cruise with one of the so-called fun cruisers, you are opting for a trip on a floating small town with an integrated amusement park. Royal Caribbean International is particularly noteworthy. With the Symphony of the seas, RCI provides the largest cruise ship in the world. And that’s not the only superlative. In addition to an ice skating rink, gigantic slides and surf simulators, their fleet also has ships on which passengers can ride bumper cars, view the ship from the sea in a viewing sphere or try skydiving. All this at no extra cost. The attractions are included in the tour price. Other highlights include evening shows and musical productions in Broadway quality, which are also included. In addition to all the special features, you will also find opportunities for sunbathing, spa, fitness or quiet places to enjoy the sea on such spectacular ship models. In addition, almost around the clock a culinary variety that is second to none.

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The cruise is as versatile as a round trip but as comfortable as a hotel complex

Cruise Luxury
On a cruise ship you can have a good time, Image: NAPA / shutterstock

With this statement, the advantages and special features of a cruise can probably be summed up appropriately. A round trip leads to a different place almost every day. However, you spend the time in between sitting cramped in a bus. In addition, in contrast to a ship trip, it is either a matter of living out of a suitcase or packing and unpacking suitcases again and again. Many shipping companies offer concepts that combine different needs. A cruise is a great experience for all family members. Despite all the entertainment, passengers should above all enjoy the special moments at sea. The pictures of the view of the sea and the stern wave described at the beginning can be experienced on all ships at any place. Understand this vastness of the sea, pause and switch off. You may encounter dolphins that accompany the ship for a while. These are the moments when travelers are gripped by cruise fever and that make the difference between a normal vacation and a cruise emotionally tangible.