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Wenn man ein paar Dinge beachtet kann man sehr komfortabel zelten, Bild: kosmos111 / shutterstock

10 tips on how to ensure maximum comfort when camping

If you don’t want to miss out on a little luxury when camping, you should consider a few things and plan a little differently than for a minimalist camping trip in the open air. Below we have summarized ten tips for you to help you make the camping trip as comfortable as possible.

1. Choose the perfect spot

The be-all and end-all of camping is the right place. You should pitch the tent in a quiet, dry and soft place, ideally well protected from the wind. As a result, it is quieter at night, the wind does not whistle and sitting and kneeling on the floor is more comfortable. Sharp stones and branches on the ground should be removed from the lying surface beforehand and filled with some soil and/or grass.

2. Various relaxation options

If you not only make your bed comfortable, but there are also different living areas around the tent to sit and lie down, you ensure maximum comfort at all times. For example, a hammock, comfortable seating and blankets are recommended to keep it soft and warm when it gets a little cooler.

Gadgets & Co.

Today, there are a variety of useful little gadgets that make camping life easier. They range from headlamps, quick-drying towels and foldable cooking pots to camping stoves that can charge the smartphone at the same time. Keep an eye out for various useful tools and tools to help you in your everyday camping life.

4. As you make your bed, so you lie

You should not be satisfied with a thin sleeping mat and a simple sleeping bag. If you really want to sleep comfortably, camp beds, air beds and thick sleeping mats are much more comfortable. Paired with a high-quality sleeping bag, you can create your own cozy bed in the tent. However, we recommend that you take a closer look at the different sleeping options in advance and take a look at one or the other air bed or camp bed test . This way you can ensure that the overnight accommodation keeps its promises.

5. Manual Coffee/Espresso Machine

This tip is certainly particularly interesting for coffee lovers, because many do without their beloved hot drink when camping. There are manual espresso and coffee machines that can be used to make excellent coffee simply with boiled water. Without electricity, without much effort and with guaranteed enjoyment; this makes the morning much more pleasant for coffee lovers.

6. Choose a campsite wisely

If you are staying at a campsite, you should of course choose it carefully. Make sure that as many amenities as possible are available, such as showers, power supply, etc. There may also be a small swimming lake and other activities such as table tennis, bicycle rental, etc. 5-star campsites offer the best facilities and the highest quality.

7. Prepare for bad weather days

Comfort at the campsite
Romantic atmosphere while camping, Image: AlexMaster / shutterstock

If you plan in advance – even in summer – with at least two days of bad weather, you will be less annoyed if it actually rains or storms. Take enough activities (especially for children) with you, make yourself comfortable in the tent and enjoy the time despite the bad weather. This is easier if you firmly expect it.

8. Romantic atmosphere

We recommend taking blankets, comfortable camping chairs, candles as well as awnings and a folding table. So you can make yourself really comfortable in the tent in bad weather and in the evening at the campfire when the weather is nice. This is not only comfortable, but also romantic and relaxing.

9. Exceptional food

First-class menus can also be conjured up on the campsite. A camping oven with an integrated oven is certainly a highlight, because pizzas, casseroles and the like can also be prepared here. With a folding grill as an addition, not much can go wrong and you can let off steam even as an amateur chef and create extraordinary menus, making the holiday unforgettable.

10. Wi-Fi hotspot

If you don’t want to do without Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. while camping, it may be worth setting up a mobile hotspot. For this purpose, there are so-called MiFi routers, which are equipped with their own SIM card. You can then simply dial in via tablet and smartphone.


Camping is not necessarily uncomfortable and with the right preparation you can make your camping holiday very pleasant and comfortable. You don’t have to miss out on anything, so that the camping trip can also become a little luxury break from everyday life.

The most important things are small useful gadgets, sensible cooking facilities, a comfortable, wind- and weather-protected place to sleep, warmth and comfortable seating and lounging. If you also prepare for bad weather days, your holiday will certainly not fall through and become an unforgettable experience.