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Jamaika bietet traumhafte Strände, Bild: Lucky-photographer / shutterstock

Jamaica – In the footsteps of the reggae legend of Bob Marley

On the paradisiacal island of Jamaica, there is something like a “magic triangle”: reggae, rastafari and rum! But it’s not just the hot rhythms, the unusual hairstyles and the alcoholic beverages that attract guests from all parts of the world to this tropical region. Rather, it is the wonderful beaches, the warm sea in all seasons and the fascinating underwater world on the coral reefs on Jamaica’s doorstep. But the sound of reggae will remain in the memory of many holidaymakers long after they have been caught up in everyday life.

Jamaica Bamboo Raft
A bamboo raft in Jamaica, Image: ajlatan / shutterstock

Jamaica – this is a happy island under a mild Caribbean sun with some big neighbors: Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Reggae seems to be in the blood of the islanders. And not only since the legendary Bob Marley spoke with his songs of the longing of people to return home to the roots of their lives, to Africa. “Soulful town – soulful people,” Bob Marley breathed into the microphones. It was his very special declaration of love to Jamaica that laid the singer to rest in a mausoleum in Nine Miles and created a place of worship for the Rastafarians.

On a round trip through Jamaica, the visitor repeatedly encounters refreshing waterfalls in a landscape that resembles a jungle. But there are also the impenetrable mangrove forests on the coasts and the hills of the Blue Mountains. In this environment, the Englishman Ian Fleming created the role of the legendary James Bond with his novels. Some of these films were made in Jamaica. Also in the Swamp Safari Park in Falmouth, where it was reserved for a stuntman to slip into the role of Roger Moore and fled over the back of a crocodile in the film “Live and Let Die”.

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Jamaica Fruit Stand
A typical fruit stand in Jamaica, Image: LBSimms Photography / shutterstock

The explorer Christopher Columbus anchored at Montego Bay on May 4, 1494. According to historical writings, he was opposed by almost a hundred thousand Indians from the Aruak tribe. Today, this is the hub of the “Gold Coast” with a wide range of water sports, first-class golf courses and the resorts of the seaside resort of Doctor’s Cave and White Sands. It is mainly a holiday resort for families with their children.

Seven Miles Beach is the most beautiful of all Jamaica’s beaches in the eyes of many travelers. Surely this has something to do with the picturesque sunsets that can be experienced here. Holidaymakers will find accommodation for every budget and to everyone’s taste on this island. And almost everywhere it is only a few steps from the friendly resorts with their tropical gardens to the pristine white sand of the beach on the doorstep.

The most beautiful beaches in Jamaica

  1. Seven Mile Beach – This beach in Negril is known for its white sand and crystal clear waters. It stretches for 7 miles and offers numerous activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.
  2. Doctor’s Cave Beach – This beach in Montego Bay is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand. The beach is also a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.
  3. Frenchman’s Cove – This beach in Port Antonio is one of the most picturesque beaches in Jamaica, with white sand, turquoise blue waters, and green hills in the background.
  4. Blue Lagoon Beach – This beach in Port Antonio is another picturesque beach known for its turquoise lagoon and crystal clear waters. The beach also offers opportunities for snorkeling and boating.
  5. Treasure Beach – This beach in southern Jamaica is known for its calm and relaxed atmosphere. The beach is a popular place to relax and also offers opportunities for snorkeling and fishing.
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Travel information Jamaica

Capital Kingston
Form of government Parliamentary monarchy
Currency Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
Area approx. 10,991 km²
Population approx. 2,900,000 (as of 2017)
Languages English
Electricity grid 110 Volt / 50 Hz
Area code +1 (876)
Time zone UTC-5