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The main reason for a trip to Gambia is the species-rich nature and the beautiful beaches of Gambia. Despite its small size, The Gambia has three national parks and four other large protected areas.

The most popular destinations in The Gambia

Rainforest, sandy beach and African culture – the small country of Gambia has great things to offer On the Atlantic coast, completely surrounded by Senegal, lies the small state of Gambia in the far west of Africa. Beautiful stretches of beach, the breathtaking natural scenery of the Gambia River and tropical rainforests make The Gambia a beautiful destination for...

Gambia: Small country with great nature

Gambia, on the west coast of Africa, is often not perceived as a travel destination. Wrongly, because the short distances and many natural beauties make the country an excellent holiday destination. In addition, there is the good security situation. Geography & Location With two million inhabitants and an area of only 11,000 square kilometres, The Gambia is the...