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Die passende Matratze für Ihren Urlaub, Bild: JGA / shutterstock

On the road with the motorhome: How the mattress lasts much longer

Holiday home? Hotel? Forget it! In your motorhome you not only enjoy more privacy, you also remain flexible throughout the journey. If only it weren’t for the thing with the sagging mattresses. Many a camper feels his back after three weeks of vacation because the bed is simply no longer comfortable enough. There is a remedy! We’ll tell you the best tips and tricks on how to make your camping mattress last longer.

Use a topper – this will protect the underlay

Let’s be honest: Most caravan mattresses are not of the best quality and cannot be compared to the premium mattress in your own bedroom. After several vacations, the base is worn out and the comfort is lost. There is a solution to this! A foldable camper mattress is not only space-saving, but also gives you the option of using it as a topper.

Instead of lying on the uncomfortable motorhome model, you enjoy the comfort of your camper mattress. This is also a good idea if you are not travelling with your own motorhome at all. Rental cars often have the disadvantage that the mattress is already very saggy. Don’t let this influence you and sleep comfortably on your own camper mattress.

Treat yourself to the better model – Comfortable sleep is important on holiday

As comfortable as your camper is, it is usually the mattress that is lacking. However, if you save money here, you will ruin your whole holiday with bad luck. Back pain, poor sleep quality and often night sweats are just some of the complaints that occur in an inferior bed.

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With a high-level motorhome mattress , you improve the quality of your sleep, but at the same time you have to dig deeper into your pocket. To increase durability, there are a few valuable tips for you:

  • Use a topper to protect your own mattress
  • Use a washable cover, which ensures freshness
  • Air your mattress regularly to prevent mold
  • If you opt for a foldable mattress, you can also take it outdoors
  • Cover the bed in the motorhome with a cover that protects the mattress

If you buy a motorhome, you first invest a lot of money in it. Of course, this raises the question of whether it should now also be an extra mattress. In almost all cases, the expenses pay for themselves after a while. On average, you replace an inferior bed pad every two years (depending on the frequency of your holiday). After the third replacement at the latest, the better mattress has already paid for itself. Because if you protect and care for it optimally, it can last ten years or more.

A little tip: A foldable camping mattress is also wonderfully suitable for overnight stays in hotel beds. Have you ever discovered hair and indefinable stains under the bed sheet? Instead of swallowing the disgust, just spread your foldable mattress on the bed. So you can sleep comfortably and relax.

Conclusion: Mattress in a motorhome contributes to a perfect holiday

Without comfortable sleep, the holiday is quickly spoiled. Treat yourself to some quality and ensure that your camper’s bed remains attractive and cosy with the right care measures. Have you always had bad experiences? It doesn’t have to stay that way, because a motorhome holiday can also bring a lot of luxury.