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Auf Andros, der größten Inselgruppe der Bahamas den Karibikurlaub genießen, Bild: Troutnut / shuitterstock

Andros in the Bahamas

You feel like you’re in paradise on a holiday in Andros, the largest archipelago in the Bahamas. Beautiful sandy beaches lined with palm trees, small beach houses and coconuts as far as the eye can see. In addition, there are parasols made of palm leaves. The large islands stretch over 167 kilometers long and 64 kilometers wide. With a reef of 225 kilometers in length, it is the third largest in the world. Divers and snorkelers will find a paradise here. Beautiful colorful fish, sponges, octopuses and much more is at home in the reef. The Andros archipelago is not only a special attraction for beach vacationers, but also for families with children who enjoy the gently sloping sea and for adventure and sports enthusiasts.

A variety of landscapes

The Andros Islands have not yet been developed for tourism, especially the interior of the island has preserved its origin over the many years since 1550. Because that’s when Columbus discovered America and a few years later the first immigrants came to the Bahamas. The island has a scenic beauty, with tropical forests, small lagoons and large amounts of fresh water. There are underground springs in the numerous caves. These heights can be visited during hikes in the interior. In the hinterland, in addition to the numerous rainforests, there are also many swamps that connect the various islands.

Long rivers have also carved their way into the country. With more than 50 species of orchids and 200 species of birds, the islands are a scenic beauty. Due to the tropical climate, it is a year-round destination with mild temperatures. Of course, there is a rainy season, but it does not cool down noticeably, but the air is warm and humid. Of course, in addition to the hikes in the untouched interior of the island, the beach is also a highlight for holidaymakers. Because only here can you swim all year round. Sun, beach and sea are the focus on the island.

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Families with children can enjoy their beach holiday on the gently sloping sandy beach and treat themselves to a delicious ice cream on the promenade. Far away from the touristy crowded places, there are unique small beach hotels and, of course, lots of nature as far as the eye can see. Maybe one or the other sees the chickcharnies, which are thought to be an extinct animal species as wingless owls. Whether it is just a mythical creature or not is up to the imagination.

Places of interest on the islands

Captain Morgan Caves in Andros, Bahamas
Captain Morgan Caves on Andros, Bahamas, Image: Trae Rollins / shutterstock

Nature lovers visit the Blue Holes National Park, whose contrast consists of water and green forests. The numerous waterholes on the island invite many people to linger. Peace and quiet lies over the area. If you are looking for the history of the region, you should visit the historical hiking routes. Morgan’s Bluff is one such beach, where one of the most beautiful hiking routes across the island begins. First it leads directly along the sea, on the so-called pirate beach, around which numerous myths entwine themselves. Then we continue into the interior of the island. There are also caves in the region that can be visited, the Captain Morgan Caves.

The Andros Barrier Reef is arguably the most popular terrain on the island. Not only divers and snorkelers come here, but also sailors and boating enthusiasts who spend their afternoons here in the crystal-clear water. Because the numerous fish can also be seen from the deck. Only the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia and one in Belize is larger than this more than 200-kilometre-long natural highlight. A different world opens up here for scuba divers and hobby snorkelers. Thousands of different fish, seahorses and rays cavort here under the water surface.

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The most beautiful beaches in Andros

Who has ever heard of Exumas? These are the famous swimming pigs that are at home here. These animals live here at Pig Beach and no one knows exactly how the animals got here. This is just a story of the Bahamas and an experience par excellence. Perhaps the animals were left behind, because they are by no means native island animals. In addition to Pig Beach, there are numerous other beaches in the Bahamas that are simply unique. Small Hope Bay is another beach that lives up to its name. Here you can find hope and peace. Of course, in addition to the beautiful beach, there is also the possibility to get married here.

Result: A holiday on the island of Andros is definitely worthwhile for all those seeking peace and quiet and sports enthusiasts who want to have fun on the sea. Of course, there are other things, but nature is the focus here. The island is not yet very touristy and all its origins seem to have been preserved. Which makes a holiday in which peace and quiet dominate perfect here