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Kategorie – Caribbean

A dream destination in the tropical region of the Western Hemisphere, the Caribbean is famous for its bright beaches, crystal clear waters and welcoming culture.

The Caribbean islands offer a variety of travel experiences, from the laid-back atmosphere of Jamaica to luxury vacations in the Bahamas.

The turquoise sea is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, including diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Historic cities such as Havana, Santo Domingo and Bridgetown tell stories of colonial times.

Caribbean cuisine indulges with exotic flavours such as jerk chicken, curries and fresh fish.

The hospitality of the Caribbean people is warm, and you will feel comfortable in the relaxed island way of life.

The Caribbean is a destination that makes dreams come true, a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the joy of life to the fullest.

Green hills and Caribbean flair: The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a major power in the world of tourism. Much earlier than its Caribbean neighbors , the country knew how to open up to vacationers. With a good infrastructure, an acceptable network of paths, modern hotel complexes and an overwhelming nature. In contrast to Haiti, with which it shares the pearl of the Antilles, the republic is green, and...

Secret Treasures of the Caribbean: Discover the Hidden Paradises

A warm wind caresses your face as you stroll barefoot through the fine sand along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The Caribbean is not only known for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, but it also holds secret treasures waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the hidden paradises, away from the tourist crowds, and be enchanted by the...

Hispaniola – the second largest island in the Greater Antilles

Hispaniola is the second largest island in the West Indies of the Caribbean after Cuba and is located between the Greater Antilles . It is home to the two island states of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Its total area is 76,500 square kilometers, of which 48,700 are in the Dominican Republic and 27,800 square kilometers in Haiti. Hispaniola is 650 kilometers long...

The ABC Islands of the Caribbean

For many people an absolute dream – to go on holiday once in a lifetime on a paradisiacal island in the middle of the Caribbean. Walk along white sandy beaches, rent a boat in the Caribbean and watch breathtaking sunsets. The ABC Islands, formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, are located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela and...

Dominica – Adventure in an original Caribbean atmosphere

Between the well-known Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe lies the rather unknown island of Dominica. The island paradise still offers an original Caribbean atmosphere away from mass tourism. Holidaymakers who come to Dominica experience pure adventure: spectacular scenery, exciting hikes and a mystical backdrop known from Hollywood films make the island...

Cozumel – Underwater and Island Paradise of Mexico

Picturesque beaches and adventurous underwater landscapes make the island of Cozumel stand out as a diverse holiday highlight with endless possibilities. Located just off the Yucatan Peninsula and 15.8 km from the Mexican mainland, Mexico’s third-largest island is located in the Caribbean Sea. Cozumel is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, tropical nature...

Caribbean – The most popular destinations

For many German-speaking holidaymakers, a trip to the Caribbean is mainly associated with fantastic beaches, lots of sun and a completely new culture. At the same time, over the past twenty years, the Dominican Republic has become the symbol of this region. Only recently have more and more holidaymakers discovered what diversity the Caribbean has to offer and how...

Enjoy the Caribbean: Where are the most beautiful beaches?

The Caribbean is the epitome of turquoise sea water, miles of sandy beaches and plenty of sun. While autumn and winter show their full size in Germany, the thermometers in the Caribbean show 25 to 30 degrees and pure sunshine. During the months of December to April, the main travel times are here due to the dry season. If you want to enjoy the cool Christmas season...