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Im Urlaub die Fitness trainieren, Bild: Paranamir / shutterstock

6 tips: How to keep fit during your vacation

Lounging on the sofa at home on vacation and being really lazy is out of the question for you. You want to use your free time and do something good for your fitness. But what?

We provide you with tips and tricks about fitness on holiday.

6 fitness tips for your holiday

1. Just don’t sag!

Holidays are there for relaxation. At the same time, the free time also serves to finally do everything for which there is otherwise no time. Maybe you run a lot at work or are physically well exercised during work. If you then have time off, it would be fatal for your organism and metabolism to just hang around.

By the way, the same applies if you are a professional frequent sitter. Then you should also use the vacation for exercise and compensate for deficits.

2. Always nice and slow!

If you haven’t done much for your fitness for the rest of the year, you can’t run off and exhaust yourself on the first day of your vacation . This is also harmful to the body and you would probably quickly lose the joy
of fitness on vacation

Even if you only have a week or two, you should always start slowly and then increase.

3. Sensible fitness for the holiday

If you stay at home, you can use the holiday to take a leisurely walk at first. The short time will not be enough to change much in your fitness, but it can be a start ! If you enjoy it, you should practice running beyond your vacation. It’s certainly not true that you don’t have time for it for the rest of the year.

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If you really want to be fit, you have to do something for it all year round.

On holiday, you can take part in short fitness seminars, special running groups or taster courses in a sport of your choice.

4. Stay fit while traveling

You are a sporty person overall, train on the treadmill on your desk in the office and disappear into the gym after work. Then it’s time for a vacation, beach, a cruise, relaxation – but doing nothing is out of the question for you!

You have many opportunities to perfectly combine fitness and vacation. Many resorts, ships and sports hotels offer great combinations of high-quality sports and relaxation.

Last but not least, you can get out your running shoes and jog a few kilometers almost anywhere in the world.

5. Use your vacation to lose weight

If you want to use your vacation for a fitness program that should finally melt a few pounds, special courses and seminars are a great thing.

Fitness studios, nutritionists and sports coaches offer one- to two-week programs in which you will learn everything about fitness, a balanced diet and your options for a fit future.

You will learn how to structure your training to suit your constitution, why there are extra running shoes for heavy runners and what tricks you can use to overcome your weaker self.

6. Use your holiday for fitness shopping

For months you have been thinking about buying a Sportstech F37 treadmill or a rowing machine, but somehow you always lacked the time and the nerves. The holiday is the perfect time to finally read up on the offers, look at them, try them out and make a good purchase.

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If a fitness fair is taking place somewhere near you during this time, this is of course the best opportunity to inform yourself comprehensively and maybe make a bargain or two.


There are many ways to use the holiday for your health and fitness. Despite all the good intentions, fitness newcomers in particular should proceed prudently on vacation and not overwhelm themselves. If you are already fit, you can use the vacation effectively to make up for everything that your working hours do not allow.