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Kategorie – El Salvador

El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America, surprises travelers with its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly people.

The Pacific coast attracts with beautiful beaches and first-class surf spots.

The hilly interior offers spectacular volcanoes, including the famous Santa Ana.

The capital, San Salvador, offers cultural treasures such as the National Museum of Art and the historic old town.

The traditional cuisine spoils you with pupusas (stuffed corn tortillas) and fresh seafood.

El Salvador is proud of its indigenous roots and vibrant art scene.

The warmth of the locals and the diversity of nature make El Salvador an up-and-coming destination in Central America.

Holidays in El Salvador – Exoticism, sea and joie de vivre

El Salvador is located on the Central American Pacific coast, framed by Guatemala and Honduras. The volcanic chain divides the country into three natural units: the Surfer El Dorado on the southern coastal strip, the central plateaus and the mountains in the north. El Salvador is about the size of Hesse. The cultural mix of indigenous traditions and relics of the...