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Sonnenuntergang im Nationalpark Kakadu, Northern Territory, Bild: sljones / shutterstock

Tailor-made individual tours through Australia

For many travelers, Australia has been the land of dreams for decades. No wonder, because the country on the southern half of the globe offers more variety than almost any other destination. But as diverse as Australia is, so are the needs of the travelers, because every vacationer has his own ideas about his trip to Downunder. Australia’s Northern Territory offers extraordinary experiences for everyone, so that the needs of every traveler can be met. From breathtaking landscapes to cultural and historical sites and, last but not least, the unique diversity of the local wildlife. A visit is always a real adventure, especially if you travel the country on your own.

Individual tours with the rental car

Explore Northern Territory by hire car
Explore Northern Territory by rental car, Image: iacomino FRiMAGES / shutterstock

In order to enjoy the unique travel experience and fulfill your very own wishes, a rental car is indispensable. With this, the individual ideas of a holiday in Australia can be fulfilled. With some luggage in the trunk, vacationers can travel through the country and discover the areas that are important to them.

Accommodation can be conveniently booked in advance, so you don’t have to look for accommodation after an eventful day. If you prefer to stay spontaneously in small bed & breakfast accommodations, you can of course do so. Anything is possible if you turn to the right provider who understands the needs of holidaymakers and makes the trip of a lifetime possible for them.

Plan the route

Even though it is the spontaneity that makes a trip through Australia so special, there are a few things that should be planned to make your stay Down Under a relaxing experience. It is important that all travelers are on the same page and decide together where the journey is going. At least the beginnings of the road trip should be planned to some extent, and you should also know which stations you absolutely have to see so that your holiday in Australia is an unforgettable time. Australia’s Northern Territory offers extraordinary experiences, for example Alice Springs offers a variety of interesting cultural sights that are definitely worth a visit. Darwin in the north should also be seen. Not only the numerous sights, but also the lonely dream beaches should definitely be visited by holidaymakers. A lap in the soft blue waves provides a refreshing cooling in the often hot climate in Australia’s north.

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Travel safely in any case

Especially when you come to Australia for the first time, the size of the country can seem gigantic to the inexperienced holidaymaker. There are areas in the outback that invariably show wide desert. If there is a breakdown in such areas, outside help is often not to be expected. A set with jumper cable, engine oil, flashlight and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot are highly recommended and can be worth their weight in gold if there are any difficulties during the trip. It is also essential to carry food in sufficient quantities and to plan short breaks from time to time. In the heat of Australia, it is essential to pay attention to the water intake, because we are often not used to such temperatures, so they can be a burden on our body if you do not pay attention to warning signals.

Enjoy the trip

If you travel individually and are traveling with a rental car, you can head for the destinations that are important to vacationers. And here you can linger until you have absorbed the atmosphere. Unlike bus tours, which are run by local providers, you can take the time you need to explore the area. Holidaymakers should take their time and not rush from attraction to attraction, but experience the moment in peace and quiet. This makes the trip through Australia an unforgettable experience.