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Im Urlaub einen Katamaran chartern, Bild: Evangelos Anagnostou / shutterstock

A catamaran charter in the Mediterranean – the very special holiday

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for a wonderful summer holiday. It doesn’t always have to be a hotel on the beach to be particularly close to the sea. A catamaran charter has proven to be pure luxury. On the water, you are closest to nature and can enjoy other benefits. Shore leave is quite possible, so that sights and special locations can also be enjoyed.

Peace and idyll on the sea – the perfect relaxing holiday

Holidays are the most beautiful time of the year and the desire to relax is great. The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. This is one of the reasons why so many people prefer Greece or Croatia when chartering a catamaran . Greece is rich in history and offers many opportunities for discovery. The topic of logistics plays a subordinate role in this. Many anchorages with small anonymous bays invite you to rest. Here you can dive directly into the azure blue sea of Greece.

For fans of secluded bays – discover Croatia

People who have chartered a catamaran and have opened up Croatia as a travel destination come across a 1,800-kilometre-long coastline. The 1,100 small islands are a true paradise for catamaran excursions. It is not for nothing that Croatia is also known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and is predestined for a trip on the ocean. The crystal clear water invites you to swim. Pristine beaches are a great place to unwind from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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The catamaran is your flexible companion and you can conquer uninhabited islands and secluded bays. Forget all the stress and enjoy Croatia, one of the largest and most famous sailing areas in all of Europe. From Dubrovnik to Istria, you can choose to visit the most beautiful beaches and places to get to know water and land.

Croatia, France, Greece – experience enchanting destinations

Europe is perfect for vacationing on a catamaran. Whether Greece, Croatia or France – the wonderful destinations enchant every traveler. Do you want to relax far away from the crowds? Do you want to stay flexible and not decide on a holiday destination? Then use the catamaran as your piece of freedom. Even without a boat license, you can sail across the surface of the sea with the elegant ship. Book your catamaran easily with an experienced skipper. He will take you from A to B, of course according to your wishes. Dock at small ports, explore the world on land and then start again to the next port.

Conclusion: The catamaran as a wonderful change

Have you already got to know many hotels and holiday apartments? Are you looking for something new, more privacy and flexible holiday fun at the same time? Then the catamaran is your luxury that you urgently need on your next trip. Here you can relax far away from crowded beaches and head for those coasts that are denied to others. Whether Greece or Croatia, the beaches and bays are diverse and the numerous small coastal towns invite you to go ashore. Learn about history, enjoy culinary delights, and then retire back to your boat.