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5 tips on how to save money while traveling

Traveling can be expensive, especially when exotic destinations are among the dream destinations. But an unforgettable trip does not always have to be associated with high costs. Without much effort, a few tips can be taken to heart that make a cost-effective trip possible. A trip that, despite the lower budget, does not have to be any less memorable.

1. Booking and travel time

The classics for saving budget are the right time to book or travel. After all, flight and hotel costs are considered a fluctuating matter, depending on aspects that are partly opaque, but also partly predictable. The high season is typically more expensive than the low season for destinations. Anti-cyclical booking of hotels and flights, away from the tourist peak, is therefore a reliable method of saving money. It doesn’t have to be a completely different season, many prices fall just a few weeks outside the high season. At the same time, traveling in the off-season – depending on the destination – can offer completely new and unexpectedly beautiful holiday experiences. But this is only the beginning: Because not only in the high season, but also on weekends, many flights are more expensive. So if you have no problem flying on Tuesday or Thursday, you can expect budgetary advantages. Coupon codes, discounts and coupons also allow percentage savings opportunities.

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2. Stay in Germany or Europe

Not every trip has to lead to the breathtaking landscapes of Canada, Australia or Japan. A sunny holiday experience is not only possible in the Caribbean, but also on the Mediterranean. And when a warm summer in Germany is announced, Lake Constance or the North Sea also have their charm to show. If you are planning with a tight budget, you should consider destinations in Europe, perhaps even in Germany. After all, there are also many insider tips and exotic destinations in Europe that make an unforgettable holiday experience possible. At the same time, it can make sense to stay flexible with the selected destination. If the dream destination is just too expensive, a neighboring country may be able to offer a similar yet cheaper charm. On the Adriatic Sea, for example, lies not only Italy, but also beautiful Croatia with its coastal landscapes worth visiting. The dream goal can often be realized even later. Maybe even the Caribbean.

3. Local transport instead of rental cars

There is not good local transport everywhere. But if you book your holiday destination wisely in a city or conurbation that is well connected by local transport, you can do without a cost-intensive rental car, which not only takes up rental costs, but also fuel costs. Although hotels in and around a city are not necessarily cheaper than in the countryside, if you book wisely in the vicinity of metropolitan areas, you can combine historical sightseeing with a visit to the beach and evening events, depending on the city, without ever having to get into a rental car or taxi. A cheap local transport ticket in a well-connected metropolitan area is a good way to save hundreds of euros on your trip.

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4. Nature and sightseeing instead of expensive events

Concerts and events are unique experiences, but usually require expensive tickets. But not everything costs money. Hikes through nature, an afternoon on the beach or the sight of famous architecture are sometimes associated with little or no cost. Especially the natural and cultural scenery of a destination is usually the most beautiful places to visit on vacation. In many cases, without the necessary admission ticket.

5. Cook for yourself instead of daily restaurant visits

Restaurants in the vicinity of popular destinations are usually expensive, and not always the best way to enjoy regional specialties per se. Many travel destinations have markets with fresh and regional delicacies. A tour to the local specialty market is a highlight in itself in many cases. Cooking together also allows for moments that weld together. If you shop this way and cook together, you can save the budget for more expensive restaurants. After all, a home-cooked and freshly cooked menu has the potential to be one of the most beautiful memories of a trip. It is not necessary to give up the restaurant every evening. But cook together two or three times – and you can save a lot of budget. And already a new and much more personal insight into the specialties of the travel destination is gained. If you still don’t want to miss out on restaurants, you can alternatively rely on cheaper drinks from the supermarket instead of those from the hotel’s minibar.