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Die Ostsee-Insel Poel, Bild: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

Baltic Sea Jewel Island of Poel

The north of Germany is unique, because there is not only wild sea, snow-white sandy beaches and beautiful clear water. The islands that stretch off the coast also have ancient culture and many modern sights to offer. A special highlight on a Baltic Sea holiday is the small and very inconspicuous island of Poel, which is located north of Wismar. Poel is ideally accessible by car, as a bridge connects the island to the mainland.

Probably the most famous place on the island is Timmendorf, with probably the most beautiful and important lighthouse. Actually, Poel has two lighthouses. One of them is located in Gollwitz, in the north of the island. This is not even 10 meters high and has been in its place since 1953. It was powered by electricity from the beginning. Lighthouses have been known and loved for many hundreds of years. At that time, they showed the big ships the way across the sea and warned of cliffs. In 1851, the island’s large lighthouse was built, but it took a few years to put it into operation. This was related to the construction company at the time. It is still the symbol of the island today. At an impressive 21 metres, it rises into the air in the west of the island and enchants guests.

Beaches on the island of Poel

Beach chairs on Poel
Beach chairs on Poel, Image: Wirestock Creators / shutterstock

The small town of Timmendorf, which is located in the west of the island, has a nostalgic harbour and a wide and bright sandy beach, which is not the only one on the island of Poel. There is another sandy beach near Gollwitz with a wonderful view over to the sister island of Langenwerder. The beach at the Reetmoor at the Black Bush is also particularly suitable for families with children. In addition to the well-known beaches, there is also a dog beach and a nudist beach on Poel. These are located in the northwest and west. The Poeler Strandbank is also popular. The lighthouse of Timmendorf stands on a hill just outside the village. From here there is a unique view to the sea. Timmendorf should not be confused with Timmendorfer Strand , which is located near Lübeck and belongs to Schleswig-Holstein. We are here in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the largest city nearby is Rostock with numerous shopping opportunities and other sights. This is very suitable for a day trip from Poel. Beautiful beaches are in the seaside resort of Boltenhagen and in Kühlungsborn. White sand, numerous beach chairs and small snack bars make the heart of the guests beat faster.

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Sights on the island of Poel

A special attraction on the island is the Poel Museum of Local History, which talks about the history of the region. The building is located in Kirchdorf, used to serve as a school and dates back to 1806. The history of the island is comprehensively reported here. Telephone, a dentist’s chair and many other artifacts from the 20th century were also exhibited here. In addition to all these things, there is also “Poel in Miniature”. Numerous buildings on the island are recreated here to scale, including the well-known Timmendorf lighthouse. If you want to learn more about Poel’s history, you can visit the old hunting lodge, which is also called Poeler Castle Wall. This was built in the 17th century and was the focus of hunting. The island church, on the other hand, is another 4 centuries older. It dates back to the 13th century and has a 47-metre-high church tower with an octagonal spire. The brick church is another landmark of the island of Poel and can be seen from afar. If you want to turn back time and recharge your batteries over several million years of history, the Poel Boulder Garden is the right place for you. Because there are stones from different ages here.

Excursions in the surrounding area

Directly opposite the island of Poel is Wustrow, the forbidden peninsula. The entrance to the peninsula is very easy to reach by car. However, if you want to explore the old military installations, you either have to rent a carriage or take a tour boat on the sea along the peninsula. Unfortunately, the military area is closed off with a fence. Historically, however, Wustrov is a highlight and always worth a visit. Many people who spend their holidays on Poel arrive by car. Poel is child-friendly, has quiet little villages, a beautiful lighthouse and numerous accommodations to offer. Furthermore, on the mainland there is the beautiful seaside resort of Bad Doberan, which crosses the Molli tourist railway, which runs along the coast from Heiligendamm to Kühlungsborn. The old, nostalgic train attracts many thousands of visitors every year. Bad Doberan is crossed with the Molli directly in the pedestrian zone.

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Other sights along the coast

A windmill along the Bäderstraße on the mainland is always worth a visit. The Dutch windmill was built in 1889. The diameter of the wings alone is 22 meters, which is quite impressive. The mill was taken out of operation in 1977, but today the entire system is still functioning. On a guided tour you can see everything and also let the clay oven be heated. There are numerous seaside resorts along the German Baltic Sea coast, which are located outside the island of Poel, but are easy to reach for a day trip. Boltenhagen is one of them, but also Kühlungsborn and Zierow. The Hanseatic city of Wismar with its beautiful harbour, the quaint little houses in the city centre and the modern market square is also only a stone’s throw away from the island of Poel.