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Kategorie – Turkey

A country with a rich history and diverse cultures, Turkey is an impressive destination that delights visitors with its beauty, sights, and hospitality.

The vibrant metropolis of Istanbul enchants with its unique location on the Bosphorus and historic landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace.

Turkey is rich in natural wonders, from the impressive Cappadocian rocky landscapes to the bright blue coasts along the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Riviera.

Turkish cuisine is famous for its variety and deliciousness, from kebabs to baklava and Turkish tea.

Turkey’s culture is shaped by the history of the Ottoman Empire, which is reflected in the magnificent mosques, bazaars and traditional dances.

The hospitality of the Turks is warm, and visitors will feel welcome in this country.

Turkey is a bridge between East and West, where modernity meets tradition and history meets innovation. It is a country that combines adventure, culture and culinary discoveries, delighting its visitors with its diversity and beauty.

Kemer on the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera with the beaches of Antalya has been one of the most popular destinations for German-speaking holidaymakers in Turkey for years. In most months of the year, there is fantastic weather, an excellent infrastructure for tourists and, last but not least, a wide selection of hotels and accommodation. A little away from the regional capital Antalya is...

The best travel tips for Alanya

Alanya is a charming coastal district in the Turkish province of Antalya and a popular destination for German tourists. The place, which was called Pamphylia and Cilicia in ancient times, offers many recreational opportunities: swim in the bay where Cleopatra once swam, explore the ancient ruins and relax in the first-class hotels. Surrounded by the Toros Mountains...

Hidden Cultural Experiences in Turkey: Revealing Local Traditions and Customs

The Turks are an open people, which manifests itself when you get to know each other. The friendly atmosphere is established already at the first tea party, and they, in turn, will do everything possible to leave only positive impressions after the meeting. As for etiquette, there are some immutable rules in the country that foreigners should follow. So, on public...

Winter sports holidays in Turkey

When looking for a destination for their next winter sports holiday, most ski fans and snowboarders don’t think of Turkey. After all, the country in southeastern Europe is better known for beach vacations and exciting city trips. In addition, Turkey has much more to offer during the winter and has attractive destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. There are...

Beach holidays in Turkey: From picturesque beaches to wide lagoons

Turkey can score with many popular travel destinations. The list of fantastic beaches is long and has something suitable for every type of beach holiday. Numerous water sports to idyllic bays. The beaches usually differ in the color of the water, texture, cleanliness, popularity and infrastructure. Paradisiacal bathing spots with crystal clear water and dreamy rocky...

Holidays in Belek in Turkey

Golden beaches, historic sites and world-class golf courses… Holidays in Belek are a real crowd puller. This upscale resort may still be quite new, but that hasn’t stopped it from making a name for itself on the Turkish Riviera. Famous for its 5-star hotels and 10 miles of sandy beach, Belek is the king of flies and flop vacations – think long...

Lara – New Tourist Center of Turkey

The Antalya region in Turkey is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the immediate vicinity of Germany. In a few hours by plane, you are not only in another culture, but in an area full of beautiful beaches, sights and opportunities for relaxation. While Side, for example, has already made a name for itself, the name Lara in particular has...

Turkey – a pearl on the Mediterranean

Only about three and a half hours of flight time separates Germany from Turkey – a country that offers many cultural aspects in addition to beach holidays or active holidays and is therefore one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Due to its location in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, you can expect a warm climate in Turkey all year round...