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Joggen im Urlaub am Strand, Bild: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

Active sports on holiday – stay fit through action and exercise

Sport on holiday? For some an absolute must and for others a no-go. You can easily combine exercise on holiday with lots of fun!

Whether on a beach holiday or on a city trip, you can stay fit everywhere. A healthy mix of lazing around and sporting activities makes you even more relaxed and balanced, because sport makes you happy and keeps the body healthy. If you want to continue your hobby on holiday, you often have the opportunity to play football or tennis in other places in the world. In addition, you can of course jog on every island, every mainland or in every city. Many hotels and accommodations also offer a wide range of activities and often have their own gym. It is important not to forget to pack the right sportswear. Especially at seasonal highlights or around Black Week, there are great offers, for example a 5% extra discount from DeinSportsfreund.

Fun sports on a beach holiday – surfing, jet skiing & Co.

Beach soccer holiday
Playing beach soccer with friends on vacation, Image: ChiccoDodiFC / shutterstock

Those who like to travel to the south to enjoy the sun and the sea have the opportunity to practice new or already familiar sports directly in the water or on the beach. Beach volleyball, speed badminton and beach soccer, for example, are particularly popular. These team sports are not only fun, they are also suitable for meeting new people and building friendships on holiday. Action fans can also look forward to water skiing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. A great change from lounging on the beach!

Those who prefer something a little quieter can swim, snorkel, book a yoga class directly on the beach or try stand up paddling. Other ways to be active on a beach holiday are.

  • Beach Rugby
  • Beach tennis
  • Frisbee
  • Cliff jumping
  • Surfing
  • Water aerobics
  • Ride
  • Jogging directly on the beach or on the promenade

Depending on where you are, there are of course other sports. Some hotels also have their own tennis court or even offer sports lessons with a trainer.

Holidays in the mountains – hiking, skiing & alpine running

During a relaxing holiday in the mountains, there is the possibility to go hiking in addition to wellness treatments, for example, because the mountains offer fantastic scenery and panoramic views that will be remembered for a long time and give you a feeling of freedom. Experienced hikers usually choose their own hiking route, although newcomers can often book guided hikes directly at the accommodation. With a qualified mountain guide, you will then go high up to the summit. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view down into the valley.

As an alternative to normal jogging, experienced runners can do so-called Alpine Running in the mountains. Long distances, steep vertical routes and alpine paths are traversed. In addition, hobby climbers will also get their money’s worth, because in the mountains there are many different via ferratas of different levels of difficulty or well-equipped climbing halls. Passionate cyclists enjoy a turbulent mountain bike tour while exploring the beautiful landscape.

For all holidaymakers who travel in winter, skiing is clearly on the list of activities. With a lot of speed and fun, you can descend into the valley on a few kilometres of slopes and steep slopes. In addition to the classic winter sport, snowboarding, tobogganing or a snowshoe hike are also on the programme. If you can’t ski yet, there are ski schools where you can learn the first basics before you hit the slopes.

Sports on a city or round trip

All travelers who like to explore new cities or book a round trip to see as much as possible do not have to do without sports. Here you should be a little more flexible, but the sport can be easily integrated depending on the location. You can always pack your jogging shoes in your suitcase anyway. This sport can really be practiced anywhere in the world. In addition, there is a bike rental service in almost every city to explore the new place by bike to the smallest corners. Depending on the location of the place, both mountains or the sea can be nearby, so that hikes or surfing lessons can take place. Often there are also one-off sports lessons, in which you can usually participate flexibly. If there is no gym in sight, you can also train with your own body weight. The so-called bodyweight training is very effective and keeps you fit.

Active travel – yoga retreat, tennis camp or fitness trip

An active holiday focuses on sporting activities from the outset, so that the focus is either on one sport or a mix of different sports brings exercise to the holiday. Among other things, a yoga retreat is suitable for this, in which active relaxation, recreation and soothing physical exercises are on the daily program. Here, for example, the diet is optimally adapted to the sport. Furthermore, tennis camps or a surf camp are extremely popular. Fitness trips with qualified trainers also offer an active and healthy holiday in addition to a structured daily routine and appropriate nutrition plans.

Increasing motivation – Consciously train & enjoy

If you find the balance between relaxation and training on holiday, you will return home particularly fit and relaxed. Conscious eating plays a role in particular, because a plate of delicacies does not always have to be filled randomly, but can be served in a targeted manner. In addition, you should always reward yourself with a special feature from your vacation to keep your motivation up. Tip: When sightseeing, walk as many distances as possible and climb stairs from time to time. So you often discover secret places anyway that you can’t reach by car or bus. And don’t forget: Enjoy the landscape while exercising!