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Kategorie – Estonia

Estonia, a small country in the Baltic States, enchants travelers with its fascinating mix of history, nature and modern technology.

The capital Tallinn enchants with its well-preserved medieval old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Estonian nature offers untouched forests, crystal clear lakes and the charming coast of the Baltic Sea.

Estonia is a leader in digital innovation and offers e-government services that make life easier for residents and visitors.

Estonian cuisine is characterized by local ingredients, including savory dishes like pierogies and sweet treats like kama.

The hospitality of Estonians is warm, and you will feel welcome in this land of contrasts.

Estonia is a country that combines tradition and modernity, where history and innovation go hand in hand. It is a destination for explorers who want to explore the treasures of this country.

Experience Tallinn: modern meets historic

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia on the Baltic Sea, is a stunning destination that many people don’t even have on their radar yet. The city is very compact and versatile, so you can experience a lot in a short time. From large, modern city impressions to magnificent Gothic architecture and wonderful impressions of the countryside and on the coast, Tallinn offers...

Estonia – A country with Nordic charm

Forests and meadows as far as the eye can see. The cloud mountains are reflected in the deep moors. The beaches invite you to long hikes, and beyond the coast there are no less than 1,500 islands. With romantic fishing villages and its traditional Nordic charm, Estonia is a pearl of the Baltic States and a region of quiet tones. It is located far in the east of the...