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Für eine Reise nach Australien wird ein Viusm benötigt, Bild: Alex Erofeenkov / shutterstock

Visas for travel to Australia – what to consider

Australia is a fascinating country. Especially the flora and fauna and the scenic features make the country a real tourist magnet. But if you are planning a trip to Australia, you should not only deal with your itinerary when planning, but also remember that a visa Australia is necessary for entry. To ensure that the planned trip can be started without any problems, it is advisable to apply for the required visa in good time.

Suitable visas for the Australia trip

There are different visas that can be applied for entry. The eVisitor is a so-called business and tourist visa and is the most commonly used. Alternatively, an ETA for Australia can also be applied for. While Germans and Austrians have the choice of applying for the ETA or eVisitor visa, travelers with citizenship of the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Brunei must apply for the ETA. Since tourists from Germany and Austria have the choice, the eVisitor is recommended to them, as it is associated with lower costs.

Requirements for obtaining an eVisitor

To use the eVisitor, it must be a business or leisure trip. Depending on the specific case, the eVisitor is also sufficient for voluntary work. However, this depends on the individual case. However, work for payment is not allowed with an eVisitor under any circumstances. So if you are planning work and travel, you need either a work permit or a working holiday visa. If a pure holiday trip is planned, however, there are no problems with the eVisitor and this is also completely sufficient. As a general rule, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon departure. The planned length of stay in Australia should not exceed 3 months at a time.

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An eVisitor is denied if the applicant has outstanding debts to Australian authorities . Even those who have been sentenced to a prison sentence of more than 12 months do not receive permission to enter the country. In addition, entry is denied if tuberculosis is present at the time of entry.

Validity period of an eVisitor

It is no problem to apply for the eVisitor early, because the eVisitor remains valid for 12 months from the day of approval. During the validity period, entry is possible at any time. Entry is also possible again and again within this period, as long as a single stay does not exceed 3 months. It is not possible to renew an eVisitor, but new visas can be applied for as often as you like. However, at the time of application, it is imperative that the applicant from a visa is not in Australia.

Apply for visas conveniently online

View of Sydney, Image: Rudy Balasko / shutterstock

The eVisitor can be applied for very easily. There is the possibility to apply for an eVisitor for a single person as well as to apply for a visa for several people with one application. All this can be done conveniently online, so that the visa application takes hardly any time and is possible without much effort. Since the passport numbers are necessary for the application, it should of course be at hand. The cost of an eVisitor is €14.95 per person and must be paid directly at the time of application. This also applies to applications within a group application.

If you need a working holiday visa to be able to work during your trip, you have to reckon with significantly higher costs, because here the price for the visa is 450 AUS$ (approx. 280 €) per person. However, it is also true that a continuous stay of 12 months is possible. The special tourist visa can be applied for by German and Austrian backpackers who have not yet exceeded the age of 31.

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Another alternative can be the Visitor Visa. This can be provided if a longer stay is planned. With this visa, travelers can enjoy a stay for up to 12 months at a time. It should be noted that costs of about 90 € must be expected here and that the processing of the application takes at least 3 weeks.

Short-term to visa Australia with urgent application

Image: F R i M A G E S / shutterstock

Anyone who wants to travel must already be in possession of a visa. Already at the check-in at the airport, it is checked whether a valid ETA or eVisitor visa is available. If this is not the case, the trip cannot be started. If you are planning to travel at short notice or if you forgot to apply for a visa in time, an urgent application can help. But here, too, a processing time of a few hours must be expected. In addition, a surcharge of € 17.50 is due for urgent applications. In individual cases, however, the approval can be delayed and so the urgent application should also be submitted a few days before the start of the trip, because this is the only way to be on the safe side.