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Tipps für den ersten gemeinsamen Urlaub, Bild: simona pilolla 2 / shutterstock

5 – Tips for the first holiday together as a couple

Butterflies in the stomach – at the beginning of a relationship, you have the feeling that the time together is not enough. Couples feel a certain exclusivity in these first few months. Why shouldn’t this period of time be used to freeze? Here are 5 tips to make your holiday together a success.

1. Wanderlust? Where do you want to go?

The first thought of a romantic getaway is very exciting. However, you should keep a cool head when planning. After all, you want your holiday to be a complete success. Many lovers see the first trip as a test of endurance for the new love. However, this is a matter of opinion and not every relationship can withstand this “endurance test”.

So the first step should be openness. A romantic evening for two is the best time to start planning. Common goals bind emotionally to each other and strengthen love. There are different strategies to find out whether the ideas coincide. One way is to brainstorm. Spontaneous ideas are collected without judgement or censorship.

Once the decision has been made for a suitable destination, the next question is when you want to escape from everyday life. If you like to travel from July to October, you have a wide choice of sunny destinations. A little time out is of course possible all year round. It is also worth looking for alternatives for the colder seasons. However, a winter holiday with a dog , for example, requires additional planning and usually cannot take place spontaneously.

In Iceland, a special volcanic beach can be explored, the so-called Diamond Beach of the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. It is home to countless crystal clear ice formations, which is how it got its name. Those who are magically attracted by the warmth will not be able to escape the charm of the island of Malta . But the picturesque archipelago has much more to offer. The temperatures are around 14-15 degrees even in winter, which is why it can be visited all year round.

So if you can’t find a suitable vacation day right away, you shouldn’t despair. It is a good idea not to plan long vacations at the beginning of a relationship. This is less complicated and gives first insights into the new relationship life.

The most important thing is that both partners agree with the decision. Understanding and respecting each other’s travel habits is the most important prerequisite.

2. Between identity documents, insurances and entry requirements

Sightseeing on holiday
Image: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

The trip is booked, but the suitcases are still empty. Next, all the necessary documents should be packed. The most important document for a time out abroad is the passport. A German passport can be used to travel to over 170 countries.

In addition to the entry requirements, the driver’s license should also be checked. This is crucial when a rental car is waiting on site. Under certain circumstances, an international driver’s license must still be issued here.

It is particularly practical if you can pay directly with the local currency in the holiday destination. This can be used to pay the taxi driver or bus to the hotel immediately. With a fixed budget in cash, the traveler has a greater overview of his expenses. This creates transparency and prevents more expenditure than planned.

If, on the other hand, you would like to monitor your finances online in a relaxed manner, you can do so with a credit card. Each account model has different conditions. If you don’t have a credit card yet, you can apply for one at your bank.

In times of Corona, it is important to find out before departure what vaccination status and test certificates are required in the respective country. Accordingly, the vaccination can be refreshed if there is insufficient protection. It also avoids waiting times at the airport.

You are protected worldwide with international travel health insurance. Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. If this happens, it saves the traveler a lot of trouble. In the event of illness, the insurance covers the costs of medication or operations on site and, under certain circumstances, transport home.

3. Activities, culture and sights

Just planning the trip and collecting ideas for the excursions arouses anticipation. If you like unusual experiences, you can book a carriage ride through the city. Lovers can experience pure romance at a picnic while the sun goes down.

However, you shouldn’t plan too much here. Rest breaks are important and contribute to relaxation. After all, it’s a vacation and not a business trip. It is worthwhile to go offline for this period and leave the mobile phone off. This avoids distraction and gives more freedom for time together. Another tip is not to mess up your sleep rhythm too much. Seven to eight hours are also perfect on vacation.

4. Travel provisions

Healthy nutrition on holiday
Healthy eating on holiday, Image: Pearl PhotoPix / shutterstock

Healthy nutrition on holiday: As soon as the journey starts, the stomach starts growling. This can be very exhausting. To get ahead of hunger, it is worth preparing something.

Before leaving, both partners can put together a small bag full of healthy snacks and small meals. Here, a joint purchase can reveal certain preferences. In addition to your own needs, there are also general tips:

  1. Food that needs to be refrigerated should be prepared immediately before departure and, if possible, stowed in a cooling bag.
  2. Protein-rich foods such as eggs or legumes fill you up. To save space and effort, a salad that combines all this is suitable. However, raw egg foods such as mayonnaise should be avoided and an oil dressing should be used instead.
  3. Between meals, a small snack is a good idea. Chocolate-covered foods are not as good as cereal bars, for example. Nuts, on the other hand, are not only healthy, but also provide new energy.
  4. The right preparation is very crucial when taking it with you. Sliced apples and unpackaged sandwiches are rather unsuitable for a trip. Sliced fruit spoils much faster. A lunch box is best suited to transport everything safely.

The prepared food can be eaten well in small breaks. It is a good idea to eat smaller meals throughout the day on a trip. With good planning and a little patience, you can save a lot of time and money along the way.

5. Holiday fund

How much budget you have available is very individual. Some couples have a joint holiday fund, in which, for example, they save leftover money from shopping and invest it in the holiday. Not everyone can afford the same amount of travel, which is why it makes sense to agree on a fixed budget early on.

A common fund requires a lot of trust and tolerance. So the first thing you should do is figure out which expenses should be shared. On a separate joint account, something can be put aside before the trip. There is no real solution to this. It looks different for every couple.

One thing is certain, before and during the trip, decisions have to be made in which money plays a major role. It is therefore worthwhile to define a fair distribution.


The first holiday together is very exciting. Maybe not everything goes according to plan right away. It doesn’t have to. Even if someone gets sick or the beach is too crowded, you shouldn’t panic. The main thing is that you are empathetic in any case and try to understand your counterpart. This also creates a new level in the relationship and strengthens cohesion. So it’s worth being brave and taking this step. The first holiday together is an unforgettable experience for every couple, which welds together and can be a good basis for the future.