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Latvia, a country in the Baltic States, enchants with its diversity. The capital Riga impresses with its well-preserved old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Art Nouveau architecture is unique.

The coast of Latvia stretches along the Baltic Sea, offering beautiful sandy beaches and charming coastal towns such as Jūrmala.

The country’s picturesque landscape offers numerous lakes, rivers and forests that are ideal for hiking, cycling and canoeing.

Latvian cuisine spoils you with hearty dishes such as rupjmaize (black bread), speķapīrāgi (bacon rolls) and the famous Riga black bread.

Latvia is rich in folklore and traditions that come alive in festivals and events. The hospitality of the locals makes the experience complete.

Discover the cultural and natural treasures of Latvia, a country that surprises with its contrasts and uniqueness.

Latvia – an amazingly diverse destination

Latvia, together with its neighbours Estonia and Lithuania, is located in the 175,000 km² northeastern European region of the Baltic States on the Baltic Sea coast. With an area of just over 64,500 km², the second largest of the three Baltic states currently has almost two million inhabitants in nine so-called “republic cities” and a total of 110...

Riga – the beating heart of the Baltic States

The capital of Latvia is located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Riga, which is named after it. It was founded in the Middle Ages by German merchants and is an old Hanseatic city. Riga has experienced an eventful history, which can still be found in many places in the city today. Riga was initially the capital of the Republic of Livonia before becoming the...