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Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa, is a country of breathtaking natural beauty and rich culture. Bordering Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, and South Africa, it is best known for the majestic Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, which are among the largest waterfalls in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Zimbabwe’s history is complex, ranging from the early kingdoms and the Great Zimbabwe, an impressive ruined city from the 11th century, to the colonial challenges and independence in 1980. The country has experienced economic and political difficulties in the recent past, but the spirit and resilience of its people remain strong.

The people of Zimbabwe are known for their hospitality and warmth, and the country is rich in traditional art and culture. Music and dance play a central role in social life, and Shona stone sculptures have gained international recognition.

Zimbabwe has an impressive biodiversity and natural resources. National parks such as Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park offer unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities, and landscapes vary from savannahs and semi-deserts to mountains and forests.

Despite the challenges, Zimbabwe is a country of outstanding beauty and cultural richness, and it preserves a heritage that reflects both the ups and downs of the human experience. It remains a rewarding destination for those seeking adventure and gaining a deeper understanding of Africa’s cultures and traditions.

Zimbabwe and its natural treasures

Zimbabwe, a country in southern Africa, is known for its impressive landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich history. The country’s famous Victoria Falls, magnificent national parks and cultural heritage make Zimbabwe a fascinating destination. Here is the most important information for an unforgettable holiday in Zimbabwe. The 390,000 square kilometre country in...