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Klippen von Étretat in der Normandie, Bild: proslgn / shutterstock

The most beautiful camping destinations in Normandy

In addition to the south of France with its numerous campsites, the Normandy coast is one of the most charming landscapes in France. The coast of Normandy is considered to be particularly rough. Normandy is located on the English Channel and has a unique nature that once attracted many artists and painters. The secluded beaches, which are particularly popular, but also the white limestone cliffs and the picturesque landscape are still a popular destination today. The villages with cobbled streets are also popular with tourists. But not only the unique nature, but also the interesting history attracts many people. Even today, the traces of the 2nd World War can be visited in the form of museums and cemeteries.

Huttopia Calvados-Normandie

Huttopia Calvados-Normandie is located on a former castle park in the Calvados region. Surrounded by a view that is typical of the region. Cow pastures, apple trees and fields surrounded by hedges. The harvested apples are used to make the famous sparkling wine, “Route du Cidre” can be tasted. There are also some cheese shops where you can taste delicious Camembert and Livarot cheese. On the nearby beach, sports such as sailing or speed sailing can be practiced. Here it is also possible to enjoy a nice ride with a horse on the beach or in the woods.

Camping de la plage

The campsite, which is located directly on the sea, is located in Houlgate, a municipality of about 1,689 inhabitants. It is known for its very long and wide sandy beach and is located on the flower coast. The campsite is terraced. This means that everyone who spends their holidays at the campsite has a sea view. Even without a camper, a nice holiday can be spent there, because the holidaymaker can also spend the night in a shingle trailer, holiday home, mobile home, chalet or teepee.

Camping Le Cormoran

Beautiful beach in Cotentin
Beautiful beach in Cotentin, Image: CatherineLProd / shutterstock

Right in the heart of the Cotentin and Bessin marshes, you’ll find Camping Le Cormoran. This campsite is located directly by the sea. In addition, there is an aqua park in the immediate vicinity, which is not only fun for children, and also a glass-covered indoor pool. In the petting zoo, chickens and dwarf goats can be petted. The famous World War II landing beaches, also known as Utah Beach, are within walking distance. This beach is not only beautiful, but also historically very interesting. In Cherbourg, the nuclear submarine “Le Redoutable” can also be visited. If you visit the Cité de la Mer, visitors will be introduced to the sea, because the museum revolves around life in the sea.

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Camping Haliotis

Camping Haliotis is located in the bay of Mont Saint Michel and also on the banks of the Couesnon. At Camping Haliotis, a path leads past the typical salt marshes. This path leads to the bay of the monastery mountain Mont Saint Michel. In this bay you have a very nice view. There is also a lot to discover in the old town of Saint Malo. There it is only bursting with history. The city takes visitors back to the time of buccaneers and corsairs and shows the remains of a medieval castle. There are also book illuminations of monks to see there.

Camping L’Anse du Brick

Camping L’Anse du Brick is located on the Cotenin peninsula. The lighthouse of Gatteville, which is located in the immediate vicinity, gives you a good overview of the entire area. There is also an interesting planetarium here. The Ludiver Planetarium invites you to embark on a journey into space not only on rainy days. In the traditional fishing port of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, seafood such as mussels, scallops or oysters can be tasted, but there are also local products. At the Ravenel watermill, some local products are offered, and the watermill also offers taster courses and shows visitors how bread is baked there.

Camping Léry-Poses

If you are looking for a break in nature, you are in good hands on the picturesque banks of the Seine. On one part of the Seine, Normandy draws its loops, there are spacious pitches on a beautiful campsite, which have been separated by hedges. There is also electricity and a water connection here. It is also possible to rent a small cabin. The cabins have a pretty, covered veranda. The location of the campsite is perfect for all cyclists, as the “Seine à vélo” cycle path runs from Paris to Honfleur and Deauville. On the bike tour, the medieval town of Pont de l’Arche can be visited, as well as the nearby fortress Château Gaillard. Richard the Lionheart had this fortress converted into a fortress by 6000 men in a short time.

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Camping La Forêt

Also in a loop of the Seine is Camping La Forêt. Camping La Forêt is located in the middle of the forest. The Abbey of Jumièges, is in the immediate vicinity and is only a short walk away. She has a lot to tell and through a tour with a 3D tablet, the story is brought to life here. The city of Rounen is also a good destination for explorers. It insists on a lot of historical events and the 100 towers are also waiting to be discovered. In addition, the stolen statue of Notre Dame de Barre-y-Va can be searched for on a playful treasure hunt with the help of investigator Arsène Lupiy-Vas. An exploration trip through the city of Rive-en-Seine is also worthwhile. The ride takes place in a Dyane. A Dyane is an older car, which was very popular, from the Citroën brand.

Camping Château de Martragny

Camping Château de Martragny is very idyllic. A romantic fountain, a beautiful carp pond or the view into the courtyard of the old barns. The barns and stables at the castle park are now used for Pommeau tastings. In the castle park, two hundred years of history are waiting to be explored. The tapestry of Queen Mathilde in Bayeux Cathedral is also well worth seeing.


Normandy is worthwhile for anyone interested in camping. There is a lot to discover, but Normandy is also worth it to just relax and enjoy nature. The many campsites with the not boring activities invite you to visit Normandy again and again after a first visit.