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Porsche mieten in Dubai, Bild: Sklo Studio / shutterstock

Advantages and conditions of car rental during a trip in the United Arab Emirates

To begin with, I would like to highlight that Dubai has excellent roads and it is possible to rent premium cars. Just find a Porsche car hire, rent a car and enjoy a comfortable drive and travel around the Emirates. More details about the benefits of renting a car and UAE regulations are described below.

Advantages of renting a car in the UAE:

  • The ability not to depend on anyone, to move independently through the country, to stop wherever we want, for the time we need. You can wake up later, stop by on your way to the beach for a swim and so on. You don’t have to run after the guide and don’t be afraid to take photos again so as not to lag behind the group.
  • Low car rental costs.
  • Cheap gasoline.
  • Mostly cultured drivers here, excellent roads. Although many immigrants from other Middle Eastern countries have been coming to the Emirates in recent years, they often complicate traffic.
  • Traffic rules are intuitive.
  • The country is alcohol-free, there are no drunks on the roads, the drivers behave appropriately.
  • There is practically no crime in this country, so you can drive freely, stop, leave the car, etc.
  • The country is, so to speak, “sharpened for cars”, driving here is pleasant and absolutely safe. But it is much more difficult for pedestrians here, as cars have priority.
  • Most rental cars in the Emirates are brand new, in perfect condition, very often a car with a mileage of 500, 1000, 2000 km is rented.
  • Most hotels offer free parking for guests. There is also plenty of convenient free parking in Dubai itself (in shopping malls, near beaches, etc.). In fact, you can spend nothing or very little on parking throughout your holiday.
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Traffic rules in Dubai

Porsche UAE
Exploring the United Arab Emirates in a Porsche, Image: Jarrod Ryan Jooste / shutterstock

The most important point that all tourists who travel through the UAE with a rental car must know is that there are high fines for traffic violations in this country. You should also familiarize yourself with some peculiarities of the traffic rules in the Emirates:

  • No fine will be imposed for exceeding the speed limit of less than 20 km/h. The minimum penalty for this offense is 400 to 600 dirhams (this is up to 165 euros). Don’t try your hand at being a racer. Cameras are literally set up everywhere, and retaliation for exceeding the speed limit is sure to follow.
  • The fastest lane is the leftmost lane, so it is better to drive in the right lane at average speed.
  • The maximum speed in the settlements of the UAE is 60 km/h, on the highways a maximum of 120 km/h is possible.
  • Drunk driving results in expulsion from the country, possibly also a prison sentence.
  • For infants, a child seat must be installed in the car (this service is offered by car rental companies).
  • At intersections in Dubai, traffic is routed along the ring road, and drivers who are right at the roundabout at that moment have an advantage.

What you need to know about the toll roads in Dubai

There are only 6 toll roads in the UAE. There are only 2 such roads near Dubai:

  • Al-Garhu Bridge over the Dubai Creek – it divides the metropolis into two parts, for the trip by car you should pay 1 euro;
  • Sheikh Zayed Highway – this road has a length of 55 km, it is the main artery of the city, the trip by car costs 1 euro.
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What do you need to rent a car?

  • International Driver’s Permit and National Driver’s License.
  • International credit card at least at Classic level. The card must be in the name of the driver with a conspicuous number and surname, the name of the owner.
  • Age of the driver. Should be at least 25 years old in most cases (but some dealers allow a younger age), driving experience of at least 1 year. Find out about the terms and conditions of a specific rental company.
  • Voucher for car rental. If you have booked a car online, print out the voucher and take it with you. In most cases, the voucher can simply be shown on the phone.