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Ideen für einen Betriebsausflug, Bild: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

10 Great Activities & Destinations for a Company Outing

With the right goal, company outings are an excellent way to strengthen the team spirit and promote the bond between employees and the company in the long term. At the same time, they offer a welcome break from everyday work and allow colleagues to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment.

When planning a company outing, it makes sense to choose a destination that promises good entertainment for the participants on the one hand, and also benefits team building on the other.

In this article, we present 10 great activities and destinations for a company outing, among which there will be something suitable for every taste and group size.

1. Hike in a national park

A hike offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature together and relieve the stress of everyday work. During the hike, team spirit is strengthened and communication among colleagues is promoted. The level of difficulty of the hike can be individually adjusted to suit all participants.

In Germany , there is a large national park in almost every state that invites you to explore. The following three are the most popular:

  1. Bavarian Forest National Park: The Bavarian Forest, located in southeastern Germany, is the oldest national park in the country. It covers 24,250 hectares and offers an impressive variety of flora and fauna. With well-signposted hiking trails that lead through dense forests, past crystal-clear streams and to the peaks of the impressive mountain landscape, this national park is an ideal destination for a company outing on a bike. In addition, hikes can be adapted to the fitness level of the group, and there are also nature trails and guided tours to deepen the experience of nature.
  2. Saxon Switzerland National Park: Saxon Switzerland, located southeast of Dresden, is a unique hiking paradise. The stunning sandstone formations, mesas and gorges offer an unforgettable nature experience. The Bastei Bridge, Königstein Fortress and the picturesque spa town of Rathen are just a few of the many highlights that can be discovered in this national park.
  3. Eifel National Park: The Eifel National Park, located in western Germany between Aachen, Trier and Koblenz, offers a diverse landscape of forests, lakes and moors. The Wilderness Trail stage, the Eifelsteig and the Rursee circular trail are just a few examples of the many possible hikes that are suitable for company outings.

2. Climbing park or high ropes course

Whether it’s a climbing park or a high ropes course – these activities represent an exciting challenge and promote trust and cooperation in the team – hopefully free from giddiness. Different courses and levels of difficulty allow the needs of all employees to be taken into account, so no one has to be a climbing professional to take part in this company outing activity.

In most metropolitan areas, but also occasionally in the countryside, there are climbing parks and high ropes courses that offer special offers for company outings. Before deciding on this company outing destination , however, this should be agreed with all colleagues.

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3. Visit to the museum for a company outing

Large cities such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg are a popular destination for company trippers from all over Germany. And the metropolises have a lot to offer on the cultural side that you might miss elsewhere. In addition to theatres and historical architecture, these include internationally renowned museums. Here are a few ideas for possible destinations that could be visited:

Company outing destinations in Berlin

The Pergamon Museum: It houses an impressive collection of ancient art and archaeology, including the famous Pergamon Altar.

The Alte Nationalgalerie: This gallery displays a comprehensive collection of 19th-century German art, including paintings and sculptures.

The Jewish Museum Berlin: This museum shows the history of Jews in Germany from antiquity to the present.

Great museums in Munich

The Pinakotheken: A group of art museums, including the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek and the Pinakothek der Moderne, which display paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the modern era.

The Deutsches Museum: The largest technical museum in the world, showcasing the advances of science and technology through interactive exhibits and exhibits.

The Glyptothek: A museum that displays a comprehensive collection of ancient sculptures.

Hamburg’s best company outing destinations for a museum visit

The Miniatur Wunderland: An interactive exhibit showcasing the world’s largest model railroad, as well as various miniature worlds and interactive exhibits.

The Kunsthalle Hamburg: An art museum with an extensive collection of paintings, drawings and prints from the Renaissance to the present day.

The International Maritime Museum: A museum dedicated to the history of shipping and maritime trade, containing an impressive collection of model ships and ship artifacts.

4. Special city tours

Dresden, Semperoper
The Semperoper in Dresden, Image: TTstudio / shutterstock

There are many German cities that offer special city tours as a destination for company outings. Even in small towns, some interesting excursion concepts such as night watchman tours are offered.

For larger cities, there are almost always several options. Again, we would like to give a few examples for inspiration:

  1. Cologne: In the cathedral city, you can take a GPS rally through the city center and visit Cologne Cathedral.
  2. Dresden: The city on the Elbe offers guided tours through the baroque old town. There are also guided tours with a cultural focus, such as a tour of the famous Old Masters Picture Gallery.
  3. Frankfurt: The Main metropolis has many historical and modern sights to offer, such as the Römerberg and the skyline. Here, too, there are guided tours for employee groups that focus thematically – how could it be otherwise – on the topic of money and the stock market.

Bowling, mini golf & Co. as a highlight at the destination

Activities such as bowling, mini golf and the like combine fun and competition in a relaxed atmosphere. They are suitable for all ages and fitness groups and offer the opportunity to build up team spirit in a playful way.

In addition, they are a great way to reduce pent-up stress and turn off the head for once. The goal of winning together as a team distracts the mind from daily worries and stresses and fosters a positive mood. And this usually remains for quite a while even after the company outing.

Many locations now also offer special packages for companies and travel groups that include team-building components. If planned by a specialised agency, entire team days can be organised at the same time, combining bowling, mini golf and other competitive games with a company supporting programme.

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6. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are now available almost everywhere. They are a popular destination for company outings precisely because they are often designed for the cooperation of several participants and – if we are honest – are only really fun in a team.

Solving puzzles together not only requires smooth communication, but also leaves enough room for everyone to contribute their own strengths. When asked, the team coaches from younited, a specialized event agency, revealed to us that escape room team events are among their company outing ideas with the greatest demand nationwide.

Owner Scheunemann sees this mainly due to the fact that Escape Games serve several fields of activity at the same time and that the contribution of the skills of all participants creates their own dynamic with strong social cohesion at the company outing.

7. Visit wineries and breweries

Germany is internationally known for its beers. Large and small breweries make no secret of the art of brewing and invite visitors again and again. Enthusiastic beer lovers are guaranteed to get their money’s worth at this company outing destination and get to know regional products and production processes.

And as an alternative for wine connoisseurs, a trip to the nearest winery is a good idea. In 2020, there were around 15,000 wineries in Germany! In a convivial atmosphere, networking and cohesion can be strengthened at a winery. If you don’t shy away from expense, you can even consider a whole wine tour through Italy .

Creative Goals & Activities for the Company Outing

Companies in the creative industry are all too happy to send their employees on a company outing, at the end of which a creative workshop awaits the participants. In design, music or theatre courses, team dynamics are worked on through joint creation. And depending on the choice of location, this can sometimes be more, sometimes less unusual. How about a workshop on the Zugspitze, for example? The colleagues who stayed at home are guaranteed to be happy about creative holiday greetings with their own postcard.

9. Cooking together

Admittedly, “cooking together” is not really a company outing goal, but it can very well take place as an activity on it. If you travel with your staff to another part of Germany or even abroad, you can’t avoid providing food and drink on site.

Why not make a virtue out of necessity? Each destination offers its own regional specialties and dishes that can be cooked together. This can be done either under the guidance of a local chef or completely on your own.

For friends of the fresh air, barbecuing is of course an interesting option in the summer months to end the eventful day in a relaxed way. When chopping vegetables and salads, there is automatically an informal exchange between the participants.

10. Travel to the neighboring country

Touring the neighboring country is a cost-effective but exciting company outing idea for companies in border regions. As a rule, employees can expect a completely different experience on such a short trip than in Germany.

And there are more than enough activities to consider once you’ve reached your goal. Cultural visits, culinary experiences or outdoor activities such as a visit to the beach are at least as exciting, if not more exciting.

For company outings abroad, it is recommended to hire a tour guide who is familiar with the local culture and history. This also applies to outdoor activities. A hike through the mountains, a motorcycle tour along the coast or a kayak adventure on a river are just a few examples to consider.