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Die Wellnesshotels im Bayerischen Wald kombinieren Natur und Komfort, Bild: Balifilm / shutterstock

Advertisement: Wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest – beacons of hospitality

It is said of the Bavarian Forest that the trees there are enchanted. The fact is that this beautiful piece of Germany feels like a fairytale forest and that many of the ancient and gnarled spruce trees could tell stories. This region was first and foremost ennobled in this country and elevated to the rank of a “national park”. The courage to go wilderness was rewarded, and today the Bavarian Forest is a first-class address to take a deep breath and do good for body and soul in a wonderful environment. Many a person gets answers to the questions about the meaning of life here. Anyone who enjoys the most beautiful days of the year in one of the numerous comfortable hotels in the Bavarian Forest will take the longing for a “comeback” with them on their journey home.

“Refreshingly natural…!” The tourism managers of the Bavarian Forest have come up with a slogan that brings the mood there and probably also the expectations of holidaymakers to a very short denominator. Because behind these two words is a premium offer in a class of its own. Where the forests “sing”, wellness and well-being enter into a sophisticated synthesis in the hotels. The noble hostels are beacons of hospitality, and when the spirit seeks refreshment in the vicinity of the forests, naturalness is immediately included. In the Bavarian Forest, it smells of hay in a village atmosphere on summer days, and those who treat themselves to a sound therapy massage in the hotel will not be irritated even when the milk cans clatter in front of a farm next door.

Wellness holiday Bavarian Forest
The Bavarian Forest also offers excellent recreational opportunities in winter, Image: moreimages / shutterstock

60 hotels in the Bavarian Forest have been decorated with stars. They offer everything that the international wellness palaces would like to adorn themselves with. But they stand out from the often oversized comfort hostels with their individual charm. Guests feel it as soon as they arrive, when helpful spirits take care of the luggage they have brought with them and their stay in the hotel begins with a tingling refreshment at the bar. Hospitality is by no means a foreign word in the premium hotels of the Bavarian Forest, but a matter of course.

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If you want to combine your wellness holiday with intensive leisure activities, the Bavarian Forest is the right place for you. The wildly romantic surroundings invite you to actively enjoy and discover this region. A hike in the snow, the flair of spring, the beguiling scent of green forests, the rustling of leaves in autumn – a stay in this unique region of Germany knows no seasonal boundaries. Many of the hotels that offer pampering programmes in the Bavarian Forest are family-run. And this guarantees personal service. To unwind there is synonymous with a holiday with friends.

With the hotel key, a wonderful world of well-being opens up, and the wellness treatments in the Bavarian Forest are versatile and without exception health-promoting. Centuries-old practices are now booming. For example, the release of essential oils by heating hay. The mild form of therapies in the so-called Kraxenofen is popular in many wellness hotels. It got its name from the carrying frames with which the freshly harvested hay was transported from the fields in earlier times. The heat from the Kraxenofen protects the circulation and relaxes the muscles.

If you want to fight your cravings for sweets and reduce excess fat deposits during your stay in the Bavarian Forest, you can take a whey-algae cure in a wellness hotel. The minerals of the algae stimulate the metabolism, while the whey helps with purification. Wellness days in the Bavarian Forest can give the organism a rejuvenation boost. Or how about herbal stamp massages? Herbs from Bavarian lands are used. They nourish the skin and promote blood circulation at the same time. If you open your heart to the beauties of the Bavarian Forest after a sauna session, you very often get a completely new perspective.

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Forest Bathing Bavarian Forest
Switch off while “forest bathing”, Image: moreimages / shutterstock

Some of the wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest have a wellness area that often covers more than a thousand square meters with its various treatments. Of course, this also includes massages and beauty treatments. But some guests also look forward to a few quiet laps in the pleasantly warm water of the swimming pool. Or a few kilometers on the treadmill. And the impressive landscape of the Bavarian Forest always beckons on the hotel’s doorstep.

With a medically supervised dose of jogging or on a hike with poles to relieve the knee joints and spine. Wellness in the Bavarian Forest – but that is also the effort of all feel-good oases to offer guests culinary highlights in addition to tropical showers and crystal steam baths. Creative, young and Bavarian is what is conjured up in the kitchens and served in the restaurants of the wellness hotels.
The alphabet of the spas in the Bavarian Forest ranges from Arrach to Zwiesel. Bad Kötzting and Bodenmais are just two of a number of state-approved climatic health resorts. And everywhere people are convinced that spending time in a forest has positive effects on maintaining health.

The so-called “forest bathing” was invented in distant Japan, but has also been practiced in the Bavarian Forest for some time. Experiences in a wooded environment are a blessing for mind and body, reduce stress and have been proven to lower blood pressure.

No question: Anyone who puts themselves in the care of one of the wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest enjoys a very special gift. He opens himself to the beautiful things in life, can feel with his eyes and see with his soul.