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“I AM”: Short film shows how travel changes us

How does it feel to experience something previously unknown? Travelling is not only about getting to know new cultures, but also about rediscovering yourself. A new place, a different language, a challenge – and with it the opportunity to develop further. That’s exactly what the travel short film “I AM” is about. The feeling was captured by a creative couple from Stuttgart: filmmaker and cameraman Florian Nick and author and journalist Wiebke Wetschera.

The two 26-year-olds set off on a road trip to South America in October 2019 – six months, four countries, 20,000 kilometers. At the beginning, they bought a car with a roof tent in Santiago de Chile and off they went on a wild journey. With Susi – as the two have christened their car – they drove along the famous Carretera Austral through wild Patagonia, Route 40 through Argentina and the Pan-American Highway in Peru and Chile. Kilometre after kilometre on gravel, mud and tar and when their eyes got tired, they unfolded the tent on Susi’s roof somewhere in nature. It was only exchanged for a normal tent and a backpacking backpack for multi-day hikes – such as through the Chilean Torres del Paine National Park, to the Argentine mountain Fitz Roy or to the famous Machu Picchu in Peru. Life on the road was simple: sleeping in a tent, cooking with the camping stove, all in the middle of nature. The focus was always on the experience. There was one thing they wanted at all costs: to be very close.

A range of new experiences

The couple is united by the passion of wanting to tell something with their creative work. Wiebke with words, Florian in pictures. And that’s why the two wanted to use the joint trip to work together on a project. Always in the back of their minds, they therefore had the mission to creatively capture the feeling of travel. What does a trip do with us? You plunge into something unknown and discover a whole new side of yourself. The two have also experienced this on their trip. For both of them it was the first long-term trip, the first time not having a real home, but being constantly on the move. A new experience that has left its positive mark.

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Wiebke spent four weeks alone in Chile before the road trip together. Your first solo trip. This also gave rise to the idea of showing Wiebke herself as the protagonist in the film – symbolic of all those who have a new experience and change as a result. It was a positive experience for her – this is also shown by the voice-over she wrote especially for “I AM”. Florian, on the other hand, certainly devoted himself to the visual implementation. Whenever the light was right and the location was suitable, he pulled out his camera and captured the moment.

A film that is intended to give courage

When Corona came, the two travelers went back to Germany and Florian to his desk. He not only shot the film, but also edited and edited it. The result is a short film of one and a half minutes. “I AM” is intended to encourage you to plunge into the unknown – whether on your travels or in everyday life. It is intended to encourage people not to limit themselves, but to trust in themselves. Because only those who face challenges can also grow, and in the end stand there self-confidently and say: I AM.


Director / DP / Editor / Colorist – Florian Nick
Writer / Talent / Creative Concept – Wiebke Wetschera
Music / Sounddesign – Julian Lindenmann
Voice Artist – Gloriel Taylor