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The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise that awaits travelers with stunning beaches, rich culture, and a plethora of activities.

The capital Santo Domingo is characterized by colonial architecture and living history.

Dreamy beaches such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata attract sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts.

The island of Hispaniola offers spectacular landscapes ranging from mountains to lush rainforests.

The Dominican Republic is an Eldorado for golf lovers with world-class golf courses.

Dominican cuisine tempts with tropical fruits, fresh fish and delicious rum.

The hospitality of the locals, the “Dominican Way of Life”, is warm and welcoming.

The Dominican Republic is a destination that has a lot to offer for adventurers, beach lovers, and culture vultures alike.

Green hills and Caribbean flair: The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a major power in the world of tourism. Much earlier than its Caribbean neighbors , the country knew how to open up to vacationers. With a good infrastructure, an acceptable network of paths, modern hotel complexes and an overwhelming nature. In contrast to Haiti, with which it shares the pearl of the Antilles, the republic is green, and...

La Romana: A paradise in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, a country known for its stunning beaches, warm, clear waters, and friendly people, has many beautiful destinations to offer. One of them is La Romana, a coastal town on the southeast coast of the island of Hispaniola. La Romana is a true paradise for travelers looking for the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure and culture. In this article...

Discover the tropical paradise of Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, also known as the “Silver City”, is a true gem on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This charming town and its surrounding communities offer a rich mix of natural beauty, cultural diversity and exciting activities. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Puerto Plata and reveal the best sights, activities, and...

Bávaro – Beach holiday in the Dominican Republic

White sandy beach in the Caribbean: The beach panorama of the same name unfolds at the village of Bávaro – together they form one of the most beautiful and popular resorts in the Dominican Republic. Located in the region near Punta Cana, Bávaro is one of the highlights of the Dominican Republic, where Caribbean flair awaits travelers in good weather. How to get...

Punta Cana – the pearl of the Dominican Republic

A poet once came up with an apt formulation when he was asked about the advantages of the Dominican Republic. His statement: “A holiday on this beautiful island is like bathing in a watercolour”. Anyone who has ever gone to one of Punta Cana’s dream beaches is convinced that this judgment is true. Statisticians know that more than forty percent of...

The most popular vacation spots in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic – a destination that many people dream of. Spend your holiday where the most beautiful beaches in the world are located. Switching off once in the Caribbean, that is the goal of many. The country is known for the most beautiful snow-white sandy beaches in the world. But the Dominican Republic also has a lot to offer historically and...

Isla Saona – Dream destination in the Caribbean!

Saona – Lonely, snow-white beaches and turquoise sea, surrounded by palm forests, inspire every visitor. The approximately 100km² island is located in the Dominican Republic, which can be reached after about ten hours of flight time from Germany. The climate is tropical, the nature varied from dream beaches to savannahs to the rainforest. Even though the...

Samaná – Dreamlike beaches, like from a picture book

Many people only know the Caribbean from television. White beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees as far as the eye can see and locals who embody a great attitude to life. But if you want to experience the Caribbean feeling up close, if you want to take endless walks on dazzling beaches with crystal clear water, you have to travel to the Samaná peninsula, which is...