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Diese Straßenschilder sind beliebte Fotomotive in New York, Bild: Youproduction / shutterstock

A visit to Broadway – you have to experience these musicals

Broadway is the birthplace of the modern musical, and even though this art form can now be found all over the world, nowhere is it as authentic as in New York. The variety is great and there are also some musicals in 2022 that you should definitely experience if you can decide to travel to New York. Hundreds of performances take place here year after year, and the greatest Hollywood actors come from the theater’s largest Mecca.

The all-time classic: The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the classics that takes place on Broadway and is definitely worth seeing. The little lion Simba, who conquers his kingdom and has to face all the adversities of the animal world, is a touching story for young and old. Elton John’s music has won a total of six Tony Awards and also received an Evening Standard Award.

The fairy tale from 1001 Nights: Aladdin

The love story of Aladdin and Jasmine captivates every fan of the Orient. Brilliantly staged, the actors succeed in fascinating the audience. At the New Amsterdam Theatre, the halls are filled to the last seat and many of the audience are not in the musical for the first time. The young crook Aladdin finds a magic lamp that can grant him three wishes. This changes his whole life.

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From the heart of the country: Chicago on Broadway

It is a journey into the past, to the 20s, in combination with breathtaking jazz music and a lot of crime. Chicago is one of the most successful musicals on Broadway, has been honored with 6 Tony Awards and also received a Grammy for recording the songs. Brilliant spectacles on stage, thundering jazz sounds and a breathtaking show await visitors.

It lives in each of us: The Phantom of the Opera

The world premiere of The Phantom of the Opera took place in 1986 and since then the seasons have almost always been completely sold out. The musical, directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, tells the cruel love story of the Phantom, who lives in the basement of the Paris Opera. When he falls in love with the young dancer Christine, he begins to shape her and crosses every boundary in the process. When he realizes that she cannot return his love, the tide turns and Christine finds herself in serious danger.

A touch of eroticism: Moulin Rouge

Broadway in New York
Image: Allen.G / shutterstock

The award-winning 2001 movie Moulin Rouge is already impressive, but a visit to the musical will put everything in the shade. Emotions, lights, colours – it’s a journey back in time to Paris in 1900, a world that immediately captivates the viewer. In addition, it is the impressive songs like Lady Marmelade that remain in the ears of the visitors, even when the show is long over. Children from the age of 12 are allowed to attend the musical , but it is especially suitable for adults.

A Visit to the King: The Life Story of Michael Jackson

His music is world-famous and tickets for the musical, which revolves around the life of the King of Pop, are correspondingly sought-after. The Neil Simon Theatre is filled to capacity when the spectacular show kicks off in the evening. Director Christopher Wheeldon has not only hit the nerve of the fans with Jackson’s music pieces that get under your skin. There are 30 songs to listen to, a magical journey through the world of the King ensues.

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This goes to the soul: Hamilton

Hamilton’s story touches the heart. Alexander, the orphan from the Caribbean, suffers through a lot of events before he becomes one of the key figures in the American Revolutionary War. Knowledge of English is important, because here a story is written with clever puns and impressive songs that is second to none. A musical for connoisseurs who want to be fascinated.

It’s going to be magical: Harry Potter and the cursed child

Harry Potter has finally found its way from Hogwarts to New York and can now also be admired on the big stage. The London production has already convinced all critics at its premiere. The impressive musical has been performed at the Lyric Theatre since 2018 and is already one of the most popular ensembles on Broadway. It is a completely independent story, written by J.K. Rowling, the author of the popular book series.

Now it’s time to go: Wicked

Wicked is the notorious prequel of the Wizard of Oz that gets under your skin. The theme of friendship plays the main role, two witch students become friends with each other, although they couldn’t be more different. But what has happened that the two tightly knit girls suddenly become bitter enemies? An enmity in which one becomes the good witch and the other the bad witch of the West.

Unknown and Good for a Laugh: The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is hardly known to travelers, and yet it is one of the most popular and, above all, most harmonious musicals on Broadway. Written by the creators of the comic series Southpark, it premiered in 2011. The script is provocative, the language vulgar, but those who can deal with the crude humor will not be able to stop laughing.