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Känguru in der Lucky Bay im Cape Le Grand Nationalpark in der Nähe von Esperance, West Australien, Bild: John Crux/shutterstock

Australia: The red continent as a place of longing

For many Germans, Australia is at the top of the list of places of longing for a holiday. Although the flight to the red continent is relatively long, a visit to “Down Under” is definitely worth it. Due to the size of the country, however, you should plan your itinerary thoroughly in advance so that you don’t miss anything and can visit all your personal highlights.

Opera House Sydney
The Opera House in Sydneypattyjansen / Pixabay

Most tourists land in Sydney and use the first few days to reduce jet lag and discover the lively metropolis. Probably the first visit is in the direction of the world-famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – the city’s landmarks. But Sydney has more to offer. Not far from the city, Bondi Beach or Manly Beach, for example, invite you to swim or surf. If you love nature, you should definitely take a trip to the nearby Blue Mountains and marvel at rock formations such as the “Three Sisters”.

Another city worth seeing in the south is laid-back Melbourne.

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia12019 / Pixabay

Melbourne is known for culture, good food and a relaxed lifestyle. From Melbourne, many holidaymakers start by rental car towards the Great Ocean Road. The dream road by the sea offers breathtaking views of wild rock formations and a sunset to the “Twelve Apostles” definitely belongs in every travel program.

It’s the same with Ayers Rock (or Uluru). The world-famous red monolith in the very centre of Australia amazes millions of visitors every year. If you are already in the area, you should also not miss the Olgas and Kings Canyon. A stark contrast to the drought and aridity of the central desert is Australia’s tropical north. In the northeast, the small town of Cairns invites you to snorkel and dive on the Great Barrier Reef or visit the tropical rainforest. A little further south, a visit to Fraser Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The island consists entirely of sand and if you feel like it, you can rent a jeep and drive directly along the beach. But be careful: As the tide increases, the “road” slowly disappears.

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In the west of Australia, things are a little quieter overall, but no less spectacular. From Darwin, in the far north, you can visit Katherine National Park with its bizarre rock formations and Aboriginal drawings. A little further south, the town of Broome offers the contrast of red rocks and turquoise blue sea. The city is also famous for its pearl divers. Even further south, you can feed dolphins on the beach in Monkey Mia in the morning or explore the Ningaloo Reef directly from the beach with a snorkel and fins.

Ayers Rock, Australia
The Ayers RockAngelo_Giordano / Pixabay

Perth is located in the southwest of Australia. Probably the most remote metropolis in the world, it offers relaxed city flair, international cuisine and an interesting cultural programme.

The Australians are a very relaxed and friendly people overall. It’s easy to get in touch with people and make friends. Culinarily, Australia offers cuisine from all over the world with strong influences from America, England and Asia. And of course you have the opportunity to test kangaroo meat in Australia and enjoy a cold beer. Well then G ́day Mate!

Travel information Australia

Capital Canberra
Form of government federal, parliamentary monarchy system of government, parliamentary democracy (Westminster system)
Currency Australian Dollar (AUD)
Area 7,692,024 km²
Population 24,314,833 million (as of 2016)
Languages English
Electricity grid 230 volts (formerly 240V) and 50Hz
Area code +61
Time zone UTC +8 to UTC+11