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Kategorie – Cape Verde

Whether for hiking or diving. The Cape Verde Islands inspire tourists with their diversity and are already a great alternative to the Canary Islands.

Sal – Surfing and snorkeling paradise on the coast of West Africa

Windsurfers and surfers have been drawn to Sal in the Atlantic Ocean since the 1970s. It is one of the nine inhabited islands of Cape Verde and is known for its strong trade winds during the winter months. These lead to perfect waves, which are otherwise quite difficult to find at this time of year. Sal originally consists of volcanic magma that rose from the sea...

Cape Verde Islands – where the waves kiss the mountains

The Cape Verde Islands are mountainous. Some holidaymakers have long since discovered them as hiking destinations or have even made them a classic of their outdoor activities. They protrude from the Atlantic Ocean like green-gray dabs and owe their existence to volcanism. Even in ancient times, they were never part of the neighboring African continent. If you go on a...

Boa Vista – A Pearl Diver’s Paradise

Boa Vista, the largest island in Cape Verde , offers the right opportunities to enjoy your holiday. For a long time, the island stood in contrast to the many islands of the Atlantic, which was only described as a lonely desert island. With numerous projects that modernized the island for decades largely unnoticed, traveling to this island suddenly became a modern...