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Offenes Feuer auf dem Campingplatz, Bild: Lucian Coman / shutterstock

Holidays at the most beautiful campsites in Germany

Camping holidays are very popular. Owners of camping cars have it comparatively comfortable and can start an activity practically at any time of the year. You will not only benefit from particularly comfortable sleeping places, but also from practical showers and convenient cooking facilities. If you still want to make a cozy outdoor fire with proper firewood, you will find specially marked places for this purpose on many campsites.

Open fires at campsites

Most campsites have specially prepared fireplaces or barbecues available. The necessary firewood, on the other hand, often has to be provided by yourself. If you budget cleverly, you have a small supply of kiln-dried logs stowed away in his caravan. With its low moisture content, this ensures that the fire burns for a long time and therefore only rarely needs to be refilled. After all, no one wants to spend an unnecessary amount of money on a few relaxing days. And the luggage will also thank you. Because the less load the car has to carry, the lower the fuel costs. But where in Germany are holiday-hungry people who are on the road with caravans and tents drawn to?

Germany has many beautiful campsites

There are some nice campsites where it is allowed to make a fire. Of course, it is important to comply with the respective regulations and only light your firewood where it is explicitly allowed. At open fireplaces, stove-ready firewood made of beech, oak, ash, alder or birch can serve excellently. Chopped firewood also fits into smaller grills and provides long-lasting heat over which meat and vegetables can be well prepared. This is especially true for kiln-dried logs, which contain no more than 18% residual moisture.

Camping in beautiful Bavaria

With our finger on the map, we move from Bavaria up to the beautiful island of Rügen. We start in Schliersee, where a popular campsite is located. Here everyday life can rest for a while and the soul can dangle. If you want, you can connect with other holidaymakers and spend a cosy evening with them around the campfire.

The Black Forest, a camper’s paradise

For all those who are planning a camping trip with their family, the campsite in the Münstertal is recommended. Here, young and old will find a place with a long tradition. For all those who want to prepare something culinary with their kiln-dried firewood, you can even buy the right barbecue food here. There is even a swimming pool and sauna on site.

Holidays in Thuringia

Thuringia is also an excellent place to camp. Located directly on a babbling stream, visitors can let their gaze wander through nature. The family-run facility offers all kinds of possibilities. If you don’t want to barbecue every day, you can find yourself in the existing restaurant and be served here.

Camping on the island of Rügen

With child, dog and cone we go to the beautiful island of Rügen. Here you will find a campsite as it is in a picture book. Away from the crowds of tourists, the visitor can enjoy peace and quiet. But the beach is not far away and the sunset can be experienced in all its glory with a cozy campfire. Again, be sure to ask about the applicable regulations before you make a fire on the campsite!