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Kategorie – Viet Nam

Vietnam, an enchanting country in Southeast Asia, captivates travelers with its stunning nature, rich culture, and delicious cuisine.

The capital, Hanoi, offers a mix of colonial architecture and bustling street markets. Halong Bay, with its limestone cliffs, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a paradise for cruising.

The center of Vietnam is home to historical sites such as the imperial city of Hue and charming Hoi An.

The vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) offers modern skyscrapers and historic districts.

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for pho, fresh spring rolls, and coffee. Food culture plays a central role in people’s lives.

The culture of Vietnam is evident in traditional water theaters, temples, and the centuries-old water puppet show.

The hospitality of the Vietnamese is warm, and you will feel welcome in this diverse and vibrant country.

Vietnam is a country of contrasts, where the beauty of nature meets the country’s history and culture. It is a destination that combines adventure, culture and culinary delights, delighting its visitors with its diversity and beauty.

Vietnam – A country awakens

Just a few years ago, Vietnam was hardly present on the list of popular travel destinations. Many associated the country with the long-gone war or thought of a backward, communist dictatorship. But this tiger state is completely different and is teeming with tourist highlights. The following five reasons show why a trip to Vietnam should not be missing from any to-do...

Hanoi – the pearl of Vietnam

Hanoi is not only one of many cities in Vietnam (and with a total population of over 90 million, there are plenty of cities, many even with their own airports), no, Hanoi is so much more than that. Hanoi may be much smaller than Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), but it is much more culturally significant. It is the capital of the country, which is still ruled...

Round trip through Vietnam – from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is one of the up-and-coming travel destinations that have not yet been overcrowded with tourists. The Asian country has a lot to offer for all tourist interests. From the metropolis of Hanoi to lonely beaches. For all those interested who cannot decide where they want to travel in Vietnam, there is the possibility to have your round trip through Vietnam...

Discover the history of Hoi An in Vietnam!

The port city of Hoi An in Vietnam looks back on an impressive history. As part of the famous Silk Road, it was once considered one of the largest and most important ports in Asia. Today it has just 75,000 inhabitants and is still considered one of the absolute insider tips for a visit to Vietnam. The city benefits not only from the still impressive harbor, but also...

Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Site with Floating Houses

If you want to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is the right place for you. The popular travel destination in Vietnam is called Vinh Ha Long (Bay of the Submerged Dragon) and is considered a legendary place. The bay is said to have been created by a dragon and, according to legend, it was also dragons that protected Vietnam from invaders. In addition to...

Mai Châu: Picturesque Mountain Landscapes of Vietnam

The comparatively sparsely populated region of Mai Châu is located in the north of Vietnam, a good 130 kilometers from Hanoi. Mai Châu is a picturesque mountainous region in the province of Hòa Bình. The largely untouched nature and the breathtaking mountain panoramas that open up to travellers when exploring the region make a visit an experience. But Mai Châu also...

Phu Quoc: Vietnamese “pearl” in the gold of Thailand

Breathtaking nature, beautiful beaches and paradisiacal sights: this is Phu Quoc. Vietnam’s largest island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand is still a real insider tip for many holidaymakers from all over the world. More and more tourists are now discovering the advantages of this paradisiacal island for themselves, also due to the very good infrastructure...

Most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Blue clear, bathtub-warm water, white sand and sea turtles, these are the Vietnamese dream beaches for every vacationer. The 5 most beautiful beaches of Vietnam are presented here. They are one of the sights that you should have seen on Vietnam tours . An Bang Beach near Hoi An An Bang is one of the most beautiful beaches ever. The most beautiful beaches in Vietnam...

Vietnam – sweet, sensual and full of joie de vivre again

This country has awakened, and it is probably only thanks to the unshakable optimism of its inhabitants that it has survived the times of suffering, when it became the plaything of the powers. In hardly any other region on the map of colonial empires did Europeans find their lives as sweet and sensual as in Vietnam. The fascinating triangle of countries on the...