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Unterweg an der Promenade von Bridgetown, Bild: byvalet / shutterstock

Bridgetown – Heart and soul of Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital of the Caribbean island nation of Barbados and has UNESCO World Heritage status. Founded by the British in the 16th century, the city with over 100,000 inhabitants is the beating heart of the island. Bridgetown impresses with an interesting mix of different architectural styles. Thus, not only Victorian buildings in colonial style can be discovered in the island’s capital.

Traces of the Indians, the indigenous people of Barbados, can also still be felt. In addition, Bridgetown offers many sights. Barbados is a true paradise for those seeking entertainment and relaxation. A warming sun, numerous palm groves and secluded bays in the middle of the Caribbean Sea as well as wide beaches with white sand invite you to linger.

Bridgetown – an architectural pearl of the British colonial era

Red Clock Tower Barbados
Famous red bell tower on top of the main guardhouse in Garrison Savannah. UNESCO Garrison Historic Area Bridgetown, Barbados, Image: Filip Fuxa/shutterstock

The capital of Barbados was founded in 1628. Even today, the traces of the Indians, the indigenous people of the island state, can be felt everywhere in the city. Meanwhile, Bridgetown is a bustling city and the economic center of the island. From here, rum and sugar as well as molasses are delivered all over the world. So it is not surprising that about a third of the entire population of Barbados lives in Bridgetown.

Located south of the cruise port, the largest city on the island impresses with a lively place full of history. It is precisely the unique mixture of African, American and British heritage that provides this liveliness that can be felt everywhere. Bridgetown was founded by the British. Therefore, numerous buildings in the British colonial style can be admired. Such as the old Barbados Mutual Building, the Anglican St. Michael’s Cathedral and the grounds of Harrison College as well as St. Anne’s Garrison. Since 2011, the entire old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But many other different architectural styles also characterize the city and thus ensure a unique cultural mix.

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Bridgetown convinces with numerous sights

Parliament Bridgetown
The Parliament of Barbados, Image: photosounds / shutterstock

Most tourists are drawn to Bridgetown in addition to exploring the island. No wonder, as the city offers many sights. Located right in the center is the picturesque-looking National Heroes Square. There are several interesting monuments in the square. Among them is the monument to Admiral Nelson. In addition, beautiful fountains provide a great atmosphere. Bridgetown is also home to the Parish Church of St. James – the oldest surviving church in Barbados. This convinces with an incomparable architecture and an interior design that has hardly changed over the centuries.

A visit to Harrison’s Cave promises a real adventure – a large and widely branched cave system. This can be experienced by car or on foot. Also well worth seeing is the Bridgetown Historical Museum. Here you can explore the history and culture of the country. As a relaxing break from sightseeing, the Independence Park is a unique place with a wonderful view of historic palm buildings. The Independence Squar also hosts large open-air concerts and other events. A very nice place is Bridgetown Blackwoods Screw Dock. A port that has existed for centuries. Today, you can enjoy local delicacies and delicious cafés here. Old propellers and anchorages create a very special atmosphere.

Snow-white beaches, azure waters and a pleasant climate

Barbados is famous not least because of its sun-drenched beaches adorned with palm trees and azure blue waters. A pleasant climate invites you to experience this paradise. Barbados is a tropical oasis that is not often found in the world. Constantly blowing trade winds ensure pleasant cooling. The coasts of Barbados captivate with their diversity. The west coast offers calm waters and snow-white beaches. On the east coast, the trade winds make for big waves. It is not for nothing that the beaches in the east of the island are considered one of the best surfing areas in the world. The east coast is also known for its fascinating coral reefs. The beaches in the south of Barbados are ideal for snorkeling and swimming. These impress with fantastic sandy beaches, which are often protected by reefs. In total, Barbados has more than 60 beaches with 70 square kilometers. In addition, the sun shines more than 3000 hours a year.

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Barbados offers more than just great beaches and azure waters

Barbados is a wonderful mix of great beaches, interesting sights and British charm. Surely these are just two reasons why Barbados is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the Caribbean . Barbados is also known as “Little England”. This is because many English traditions have been adopted by the local population. For example, golf and polo as well as cricket are the most popular sports on the island.

The interesting mix of Barbados is also characterized by the many sights. One of them is the Animal Flower Cave. An experience not to be missed. There are no guided tours in the cave itself. So there is a touch of adventure in the air when exploring the cave. As a reward, a dip in the water beckons. It is allowed to swim in the cave. The old manor house of St. Nicholas Abbey in Saint Peter is also well worth seeing. This architectural highlight houses a museum and a rum distillery. In addition, there are land and sea tours by jeep and catamaran to experience. Furthermore, exotic animals can be viewed in a wildlife reserve. For shopping enthusiasts, a visit to the Sky Mall is worthwhile.