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Once plagued by security concerns, Colombia is now experiencing an amazing renaissance as an up-and-coming destination. There’s a lot more to this diverse country in South America than the headlines suggest.

Let’s start with nature. Colombia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean coast. The Amazon rainforest in the south and the famous Tatacoa Desert in the north are just a few examples of the impressive nature that this country has to offer.

The culture of Colombia is as diverse as its landscapes. The lively music scene with cumbia, vallenato and salsa makes the streets shake. The country is proud of its artists, writers and dancers who have shaped Colombian identity.

Colombian cuisine is a feast for the senses. From empanadas and arepas to fresh fish on the coast and delicious coffee in the highland regions, there is plenty for foodies to explore.

A highlight in Colombia is undoubtedly Cartagena, a charming, well-preserved colonial city on the Caribbean coast. The colourful buildings, the ramparts and the historic squares are a journey back in time.

The once dangerous cities such as Medellín and Bogotá have developed into safe and up-and-coming metropolises. Modern architecture, innovative art scene and vibrant nightlife characterize these cities.

However, Colombia also has its challenges, including social inequality and environmental problems. The government and civil society are working to address these issues and put the country on a sustainable development path.

Overall, Colombia is an exciting and eclectic destination that attracts more and more travelers with its hospitality, beauty, and cultural riches. It is a country that is leaving its dark past behind and proudly looking to a promising future.

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