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Damit der Campingurlaub perfekt wird sollte man schon vorab an einige Utensilien denken, Bild: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

What should you not forget for your camping holiday?

Everyone knows the film “Home Alone”, in which the family goes on vacation and forgets his son at home. I don’t want to keep it so dramatic, so I’ve listed a few things that I have already forgotten personally or that like to stay at home in the heat of the moment.

At the top of my list is a small tool set. You can use it on every camping holiday.

Camping Tips
Image: robert paul van beets / shutterstock

What I can’t do without on vacation is my coffee machine. I almost don’t dare to say it, but honestly: We even take our fully automatic coffee machine with us. I’m on vacation, why should I do without good coffee?

I’m also a big fan of the awning floor. This is a carpet made of synthetic fibres that you spread out in front of the motorhome. For example, if you stand on gravel, you can still walk barefoot out of the motorhome without stepping into anything. You should also think about a broom or even a handheld vacuum cleaner for the interior. Patchwork quilts always find their way into our motorhomes. Whether as a small doormat or just to protect the ground in the motorhome.

The motorhomes and caravans all have mosquito screens, but if a creature does get lost, you are well served with a fly swatter .

Especially when you are on a beach holiday, you often have the problem: Where to put the wet towels and bathing suits? If you have a simple clothesline and clothespins with you at that moment, it’s ideal. Simply stretch it between two trees and this problem is solved, and the things dry much better.

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What used to be common practice on camping holidays still makes sense today: a flashlight. Be it for going to the toilet in the evening or to check something on the motorhome in the dark.

Think about your camera to capture all the holiday moments. Smartphones now take very good pictures, but nothing beats the quality of a camera.

Many campsites now have Wi-Fi, so you can also pack a tablet or laptop .

And to make sure that all the electrical appliances mentioned work, please be sure to think about all chargers for them!

You spend a lot of time in the great outdoors when camping, which is why we love it. However, there are other creatures as well. That’s why mosquito repellent in the form of mosquito candles or sprays ́ is also indispensable. It doesn’t matter whether you sit comfortably outside in the evening or are hiking during the day. Just like sun protection such as hats, caps or sunscreen.

Since we are already in the protection category, one more thing: spray disinfection. An absolute insider at this point: “The Toilet Bag” – A cotton bag with Sagrotan, toilet paper (is sometimes made of … very impractical at that moment) and possibly paper seat pads from the drugstore.

In addition, you must not forget the cable drum to attach to the power box. And please think about the power adapters.

A personal tip from me: I always have two dishwashing bowls with me. Sounds strange? In one bowl there is dishwater, in which I wash off. I use the other bowl to put down the clean, washed dishes. This saves me a mess at the dishwashing station and I don’t have to pick up each part several times.

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Camping motorhome
The motorhome offers the advantage of getting from one place to another quickly, Image: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

Last but not least, there are some “nice-to-have ́s”. First of all, a grill, we have a so-called safari chef here, who offers you many different applications. Or an awning lamp to fold. Looks like a folded plastic bowl and can be unfolded when needed. Due to the small format, it takes up little space, which pleases the camper’s heart.

But the most important thing to know: At most campsites there are shops where you can buy the most important utensils.

With my personal tips at hand, your next camping holiday can start right away. I wish you a lot of fun and always a good trip!