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Beim Campen benötigt man wichtige Utensilien, Bild: Iam_Anupong / shutterstock

The most important utensils when camping

Simply getting out, enjoying nature and being close to the destination in a personal way – all this is possible on a camping holiday. No other way of traveling allows such freedom. Whether on a supervised campsite with running water and electricity or on a remote campsite without mobile phone reception, camping still carries the adventure of travel. But the same applies to camping: a successful trip needs to be well prepared and there is hardly any other type of travel where equipment is as important as when camping. Here is a compilation of the utensils that should not be missing on a camping holiday.


The most important thing about camping is? Of course, the accommodation. This can take very different forms depending on personal taste. If you want to be particularly mobile and well protected from the elements during your holiday, a motorhome is recommended. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and equipment variants, depending on personal preference. As a rule, rental motorhomes have all the necessary cooking and hygiene utensils, so that you only have to worry about personal equipment with this form of travel. For all those who want to get particularly close to nature on holiday or want to set up camp in places that are inaccessible to vehicles, an overnight stay in a tent is unavoidable. Particularly important: if the tent is to be used for multi-day hikes, be sure to use an ultralight tent, as every gram more counts to carry. In addition, it is advisable to “test lie” for at least one night before the camping holiday. This can happen in your own garden or in the living room. This way you get an impression of the size of the tent before the trip and can familiarize yourself with it without being exposed to the true forces of nature.

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The cooler is an important tool when camping, Image: Monkey Business Images / shutterstock

You are what you eat, even on a camping holiday. Depending on where you ultimately spend the night, your diet must also be prepared accordingly. There is great flexibility in the caravan and with the built-in kitchen, all common dishes can be prepared from home with or less effort. Nevertheless, it is advisable to carry a cool box with you. The cooler acts like a refrigerator and keeps perishable food fresh for longer. You can find more information about the cooler here. The situation is different when camping in the wilderness. Here, the diet should be planned before departure and appropriate rations should be purchased. Important: the weight. Stay away from canned chili con carne and other moist foods. Professional camping food is usually dry and thus saves valuable weight. Nevertheless, it should be important that only food that tastes good comes along. A camping gas stove helps to heat up, reusable camping dishes to take the food. A nutrition tip from the professionals: always carry an additional ration of your personal favorite candy with you. This provides a quick boost of energy and motivation when needed.


Another important category is clothing. It is advisable to pack particularly weatherproof clothing for a camping holiday. Special outdoor clothing usually scores with rain protection and quick-drying properties. It is recommended to always carry at least a few dry changes of clothes. Underwear made of merino wool keeps you warm and remains odorless for several days. Particularly impregnated hiking boots protect against wet feet and also provide important support on demanding hikes. As an airy alternative, especially in summer, trekking sandals can also be carried. Nature lovers swear by barefoot shoes.

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Here, too, personal hygiene can usually be handled almost like at home in the caravan. Large tent pitches also have sanitary areas for showering and toilet use. On rudimentary campsites, the situation is somewhat different. Here the shower sometimes has to wait. Nevertheless, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant if necessary and dry shampoo should be carried along. Toilet paper should also not be forgotten at home. When going to the toilet in the absolute wilderness, please also pack a shovel, because the toilet should be buried at least 20 centimeters deep. Bathing with soap in lakes and streams is also a no-go, because the chemicals can cause great damage to nature.


Camping is a holiday and of course a few personal items should not be missing. First of all, the most important thing: as with any trip, copies of important documents should be carried with you when camping. These include passports, health cards and driver’s licenses. When traveling to risk areas, a copy of the vaccination certificate cannot hurt either. Tip to save weight: simply carry the copies in digital form on your smartphone. This also protects the environment. For personal comfort, other personal belongings can also be carried. For example, a notebook to record the impressions of the trip on the spot. Or a good book that can be enjoyed in the silence of nature and become a pastime in the accommodation when it rains.