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Ireland, a charming island in northwestern Europe, attracts travelers with its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.

The capital, Dublin, combines history and modernity, from Georgian townhouses to lively pubs.

The Irish landscape is characterized by rolling hills, rugged coasts and countless lakes that invite you to hike and explore.

Historic cities such as Cork, Galway and Belfast are rich in culture and history.

Irish cuisine spoils you with dishes such as Irish stew, soda bread and, of course, Guinness.

The hospitality of the Irish is legendary, and you’ll feel right at home in the cosy pubs and with the locals.

Ireland is an island full of magic and history, a place where nature and culture merge. It is a destination for explorers who want to experience the treasures of this green island.

Dublin – Between Guinness and culture

With about 554,000 inhabitants, Dublin is not only the largest city in the Republic of Ireland, but also its capital. Its roots go back 2000 years, when the settlement of Eblana was first noted by a Roman cartographer at the current location of Dublin. However, Dublin was not officially founded until around the year 841 by the Vikings, who gave the place the sonorous...

Ireland – beguiling and fascinating in a green robe

Ireland – that is like a stony green in the vastness of the sea. The writer and Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll lived on Achill Island and recorded the impressions of his stay in the “Irish Diary”. Green, be this country, very green. But he didn’t just mean the green of the lush meadows, but also the green of Moses and the colors of the...