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Mit dem gemieteten Campingwagen flexibel fremde Länder erkunden, Bild: simona pilolla 2 / shutterstock

The new way to travel: Rent freedom on four wheels

The way we discover the world is changing. Instead of crowded tourist buses and strict travel plans, many travelers are turning to more customized and flexible options, such as renting a campervan. Yescapa emerges as an innovative answer to this need by offering camper sharing similar to the Airbnb model.

RV and campervan owners can rent out their vehicles to other travel enthusiasts through Yescapa, which is mutually beneficial: hosts generate additional revenue during times when their vehicle would go unused, while renters enjoy the freedom to explore the world at their own pace and on their own terms.

Adventure begins where plans end

The charm of a motorhome trip lies in the incomparable freedom. Imagine waking up in the middle of a quiet forest, enjoying coffee with a view of the mountains or falling asleep to the sound of the sea – all this is possible if you choose this way of traveling. With its diversity of landscapes, Germany offers the perfect stage for such moments. The German Fairy Tale Route, for example, enchants with its historic towns and castles. Or the German Wine Route, which seduces not only wine lovers with its idyllic landscape and excellent wines. And then there is the untamed beauty of the Black Forest and Lake Constance, which everyone should discover.

From camper to explorer

Life on four wheels is an experience in itself. It combines the adventure of the unknown with the comfort of a mobile home. But as with any adventure, a certain amount of preparation is the key to success. It is important to plan the route in advance, create a packing list and acquire tips on sustainable living in a campervan. It is equally important to respect the rules of the road and coexistence in campsites in order to protect both nature and your own well-being.

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Europe’s undiscovered paths await

If you leave the borders of Germany behind, you will find a treasure chest full of undiscovered paths in Europe that are just waiting to be explored by motorhome. The Scottish Highlands offer rugged nature and unique tranquility, while the Amalfi Coast in Italy enchants with its colorful villages and azure blue sea. For lovers of lavender fields and sandy beaches, a trip through Provence and the Côte d’Azur is an absolute must. Each of these destinations offers its own adventures and stories waiting to be retold through your eyes.


Going on a trip means discovering yourself and new places. By renting a campervan, these explorations can take place at your own pace, with all the freedom that life on the road brings. No matter where the journey takes you, the memories that arise on such trips are priceless.