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Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia that has long been closed to the world, is now opening its doors and inviting travelers to discover its fascinating culture and breathtaking nature.

The historic city of Bagan is a highlight, known for its thousands of temples and stupas that create a magical atmosphere at sunrise and sunset. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, with its golden glow, is a spiritual center of the country.

Myanmar also offers unspoiled nature. Inle Lake, with its floating villages and unique one-legged rowers, is a place of tranquility. Trekking tours in the Shan Mountains lead through idyllic villages and impressive landscapes.

The people of Myanmar are exceptionally hospitable and proud of their traditions. The diversity of ethnic groups is reflected in festivals, dances and culinary delights.

Burmese cuisine is characterized by spices, rice and fresh ingredients. Sample mohinga, a popular noodle soup dish, and fresh street food at local markets.

Myanmar has a long history and a rich culture, which is reflected in temples, handicrafts and architecture. The fact that the country has only recently been opened to tourism gives it an air of authenticity and mystery.

Myanmar is a country of contrasts that combines tradition and modernity. It is a place of beauty and change, ready to share its treasures with the world. Those who visit Myanmar will be enchanted by its timeless appeal and welcoming atmosphere.

Myanmar: tropical jewel with incomparable cultural treasures

In 1890, the British writer Rudyard Kipling wrote longingly about Myanmar, the place where the flying fish play in the bay, palm trees sway in the wind and the temple bells call the wanderlust-sick Englishman back to the tropical idyll. The Southeast Asian country has also been opening up to Western visitors for years and offers unique treasures away from mass...