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Mit der richtigen Planung entspannt in den Flieder steigen, Bild: PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock

Above the clouds – so they are well prepared

Whether you are embarking on a long-distance journey of many hours or choosing the time-efficient option of travelling to a not-so-distant destination – travelling by plane needs to be well prepared. Because when the plane takes off, it is good to have thought of all the personal things, even if you can fully rely on the accompanying crew.

Everything that goes with you on the journey should be well thought out

The number of pieces of luggage per person is predetermined. They must not exceed a certain weight. Depending on the airline booked and the travel class , the weight of luggage is between 20 and 32 kilograms. If it is above the permitted weight, additional fees will be charged. It is recommended to weigh your luggage at home. This prevents surprises.

The hand luggage should usually be no larger than 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters and no heavier than 8 kilograms. It is taken into the cabin and must have space in the compartment above the seat or under the seat of the person in front.

The carry-on luggage contains the essentials for on the go: documents, keys, wallet, but also medication that has to be taken daily. These should find space in hand luggage, with the general first-aid kit being packed in the suitcase. If it ever happens that the suitcase arrives at its destination in a roundabout and delayed manner, access to the daily medication is thus secured.
Hand luggage also includes medication, which must be used as a precaution in the event of a possible travel intolerance or, if necessary, to protect the ears against possible pain. Even if optimal pressure equalization is ensured in the aircraft, very sensitive people are at risk of pain in the ear during the take-off and landing phases of the aircraft. It is advisable to have something with you just in case.

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Especially with a longer flight duration, the time between take-off and landing can be made pleasant. The seat by the window offers, if you are lucky, an incomparably fascinating view of the country. If clouds cloud the view, it’s good to find something in your hand luggage that won’t let you get bored. Especially for accompanying children, age-appropriate activity should be thought of so that it is a pleasant stay on the plane for everyone, even for the unknown fellow passengers.

There are prohibited items that should not be packed in the first place. This includes scissors, knives, sharp objects and liquids that exceed the amount of 100 milliliters. Sealed baby food is exempt. If this is not observed, you have to say goodbye to it without ifs and buts at the baggage check.

Before you start

It is advisable to find out before the trip whether check-in can be used for the flight the evening before. This means that your luggage is already in good hands on the day of travel without you having to worry about it.

You can also prevent the often stressful check-in in the classic form at the airport. Depending on the airline, there are the following convenient options:

  • With automatic check-in, you can receive the boarding pass on your mobile phone 23 hours before the flight starts.
  • Online check-in allows you to conveniently print your boarding pass at home.
  • The mobile boarding pass can be obtained via smartphone 30 hours before departure.

The journey begins

Parking at the airport
After parking on a short way to the plane, Image: shablovskyistock / shutterstock

The journey begins with the drive to the airport. Either you take public transport, the airport taxi or you travel relaxed with your own car and use comfortable parking at the airport. Sometimes friends or close relatives also take over the shuttle service. In any case, it must be ensured that you arrive at the airport on time. If you have already informed yourself about the current departure terminal on the airport homepage before leaving for the airport, you can park in the right place and do not have to look for the terminal in the airport hall.

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Das Check-in

If you have chosen the classic check-in at the counter, you should arrive in the hall between two and three hours before departure.

On the large display board you will find the corresponding check-in counter for the flight. There you line up with the waiting people. The airport staff at the counter will give you your boarding pass upon presentation of your passport or identity card and, if applicable, your travel ticket. It contains the necessary information for the gate and boarding time. The luggage is placed on a conveyor belt at the counter and weighed. If everything is in order, it receives a baggage tag and is already sent on its way.

The security check

With your boarding pass and hand luggage, follow the signs to the security check. Most of the time you have to get back in line. The hand luggage, jackets, coats and any metallic objects are placed on a conveyor belt. Then you pass the identity check by body scan, while the bag or backpack is X-rayed

If the body scan signals metal, another scan is carried out by hand. If there is nothing to complain about, the hand luggage and the discarded items will be taken back.

Waiting for departure

Signage leads to the gate, where you take a seat until boarding. When the flight is called, you get to the plane, show your boarding pass again, find your seat and the journey can begin.