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Ideen, wie man sich beim Camping die Zeit gut vertreiben kann, Bild: Zamrznuti tonovi / shutterstock

Good game ideas for a camping holiday

While many German holidaymakers are drawn to faraway places during the holidays and summer months, one particular form of holiday remains unbeaten in terms of popularity: camping. Whether in a caravan of various sizes, in a tent or increasingly in a tiny house – the possibility of spending your own holiday on a campsite has a long tradition for many Germans. It is a decelerating form of vacation that can bring great memories with you, whether alone, with your partner or with the whole family. Especially the family holiday at the campsite is of course also about joint activities and fun.

The right game ideas for a holiday at the campsite

Holidays on a campsite or in a caravan are also so popular because you are completely free to organise your own free time. No fixed plans, meal times or activities to stick to, but complete freedom. Of course, this is a great way to spend time with the family and create unique memories for yourself. The selection of possible games is inexhaustible and it starts with the question of whether the time together should be spent in the caravan or in the fresh air.

Board games are of course a classic for afternoons together and the selection is huge. Of course, especially when playing with children, it depends a little on age. While you can spend whole afternoons with classics like Risk or Monopoly, one or the other more entertaining activity may be more suitable. Here, too, however, there is no shortage of good opportunities. A camping holiday, for example, is just the right time to familiarise yourself with the classics of card games. Old games such as Schafskopf, Mau Mau or Skat and Poker could be taught to a new generation here.

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Of course, there is nothing to be said against such classic titles as UNO, Mensch ärgere dich nicht or Phase 5. The game itself is less important here than the fact that you can spend a nice time with people for whom you might not otherwise have so many resources left in the course of everyday life.

If you have online access, you can pass the time with games like razor shark .

Combining exercise and fitness with fun and games

Exercise is part of every holiday, especially for the little ones, Image: FamVeld / shutterstock

If you already have all the possibilities of nature available to you while camping, this of course also invites you to take advantage of them for a little fun and games in the fresh air. It only gets even better if the campsite is perhaps even close to a beach. Activities such as swimming competitions or a little beach volleyball are not only fun for the whole family, but also provide exercise – and you can never have enough of that, even on holiday.

But there are other options that might even allow the other residents on the campsite to join in. This would certainly be the way to organize a scavenger hunt. This way, not only can the adventure be combined with a little fun and games, but it’s also usually a great way to get a little familiar with the surroundings. It doesn’t always have to be the bike tour – even with a scavenger hunt you get to know a little more of the area that is in the immediate vicinity of your own campsite.

If you combine this with classics like city-country-river or “I see something you don’t see”, you already have a good selection of possible games available that can also be used in the great outdoors. Especially for smaller children, they are also a good option to strengthen patience a little and ensure that even the somewhat longer car journey can be survived without protests.