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Tipps zur besseren Urlaubsplanung mit Haustier, Bild: Javier Brosch / shutterstock

10 tips for your holiday trip with pets

If you’ve ever been on vacation with a dog, cat, guinea pig, ferret, or other pet, you may know that things don’t always go as smoothly as you might have imagined. To make the trip with your four-legged friend as relaxed as possible, we have summarized 10 simple tips for you.

Prepare well for the trip

If you are traveling with your pet, the amount of preparation depends on several factors. Especially within Europe, you can travel with your pet very easily with a Pet Passport. However, in other countries it may be different and there may be additional requirements if you are entering with animals. Therefore, you should plan every trip with your pet well, find out about vaccinations and quarantines and plan your destination early on.

Before the big trip, if possible, make a smaller one

Some animals tolerate travel better than other animals. If you have never been out with your pet for a long time, it therefore makes sense to plan a small trip in advance. Longer journeys by car, train, ship or plane can cause stress for sensitive animals. Therefore, try to take breaks whenever possible, avoid large temperature fluctuations, excessive use of air conditioning and also make sure that the animal has enough space in a transport box that is as large as possible. If you do a small one for testing purposes before the big trip, you can learn how it beats your pet and how well it handles transport.

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Choose the destination carefully

Think carefully about which destination is most suitable for you and your pet. A beach holiday with the hamster or a skiing holiday with the cat are certainly not common destinations when it comes to a holiday together with the animal. However, especially for cats and dogs, there are many ways to design the holiday in such a way that it becomes a positive experience for everyone involved. This can help ensure that your pet continues to have a positive attitude towards travel in the future.

Make your companion as comfortable as possible

Don’t just grab your pet and take it with you. It is better to deal with how you can make the holiday as pleasant as possible for your pet. There are various ways to do this. For example, a dog ramp for the car can help make it easier to get in and out of large cars. A dog coat , on the other hand, can ensure that man’s best friend feels comfortable outdoors even on cold or rainy days. For small animals, cages that are as large as possible are recommended, even on vacation, and so on. Think about how you can make the stay pleasant for your companion.

Take advantage of pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals

Holidays with pets
A holiday with a pet must be well planned, Image: Monika Wisniewska / shutterstock

In most holiday regions, there are hotels and holiday homes that specialise in the requirements of pet owners. There are sometimes excursion options for you and your pet or special care or accessories such as food bowls, dog salons and so on. Even if you are on holiday without a pet, it is good to know that your dog, cat, mouse and co. are in good hands and looked after while you are on the road.

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Know all the regulations for pets in the destination country

Before you embark on your trip or plan your trip, it’s important to take a close look at your destination’s pet policies and regulations. This includes quarantine policies, laws, and other policies. This way, you can prevent mistakes and severe penalties if you don’t follow the guidelines.

A sense of home for your pet

If you take beloved items such as blankets, bowls or toys with you, you can help ensure that the animal does not feel like a stranger in the distance. We therefore recommend taking some familiar items from home with you on holiday.

Inform airlines and car rental companies

You should check with airlines and rental car rental companies before you travel to find out what regulations apply to your pet, breed and destination country. Different providers, countries and service providers deal with pets differently. So make sure that you know all the regulations exactly.

Maintain familiar rituals

Even on vacation, you should keep the rituals that the animal has become accustomed to. This includes, for example, the times for walks or eating. The more familiar routines you can maintain, the easier it will be for the animal to settle in.

Let your pet share in the holiday

Don’t just take your pet with you, look for activities that you can experience together with your pet. Of course, this is especially true if you are traveling with dogs or cats. Also, try not to leave the animal alone in the unfamiliar environment for too long, as this can cause stress.