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Mit dem Wohnmobil Norwegen erkundigen, Bild: Andrei Armiagov / shutterstock

Discover the most beautiful destinations on four wheels – what you need to consider

Travelling through Europe by motorhome is a great way to explore different countries and landscapes flexibly and independently. It allows travelers to have unique travel experiences, giving them complete freedom to decide on destinations and schedules. This article presents recommended travel destinations as well as important tips about using a motorhome for long distances and what is best suited for a trip.

Decisive criteria for renting a motorhome

A motorhome is available in different equipment and sizes. From small campervans to large motorhomes with integrated kitchen, bathroom and sleeping solutions. However, before deciding to rent a caravan, the requirements and needs should be clearly covered. Residents of our federal capital who want to rent a motorhome in Berlin can do so not only with a local rental company but also on the clear online platform Erento. This gives you the opportunity to choose the vehicles at your leisure.

Essential questions to ask yourself are the number of people, the necessary storage space for furniture and clothing, what equipment is desired and how much you are willing to spend. In addition, it is important to note that some legal regulations come into play when choosing a rental property. For example, there are regulations regarding weight and size restrictions, which may vary by country. It is also important to clarify insurance and liability of the rental car in advance to avoid surprises later.

Important requirements for the motorhome in detail

Size and capacity: Consider how many people need to be transported with the caravan and what space they need with their luggage. The motorhome must be large enough to accommodate all the important utensils and should still be compact enough to maneuver the vehicle comfortably through narrow streets and alleys.

  • Equipment: The equipment is essential for a long journey. What equipment is necessary for the next trip? A kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with a toilet should be included in the standard equipment. In addition, the motorhome should offer sufficient storage facilities and storage space.
  • Technical requirements: What technical solutions does the motorhome have to be equipped with? If the trip is more likely to go to the cold north, it is worth carrying a spare battery. In the south, on the other hand, you can use solar cells on the motorhome, which help to generate electricity during the day. Air conditioning is just as crucial, for the hot days.
  • Budget: What amount can be expected for the motorhome and what costs will be incurred for fuel? Motorhomes are available in a variety of different price ranges. From inexpensive entry-level models to exclusive luxury campers, the respective favourite can be selected. The rental agreement is important when making the purchase. This includes any special payments, deposits and other lump sums. The more precisely the contract is negotiated, the fewer pitfalls lurk in the event of a claim.
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In addition, when choosing a motorhome, it is important to choose the right destinations and a good route for the upcoming period. While Europe offers an abundance of amazing holiday destinations, there are some that are particularly suitable for your next campervan holiday. In addition, the route should always be chosen so that the roads are suitable for the motorhome.

The most beautiful southern destinations for your next trip to Europe

Campervan Istria
Take advantage of the countless viewpoints along the coast in Istria , Image: epiximages / shutterstock

If you decide to take a trip along the seas, Croatia, Italy and Spain are the right place for you. The enchanting coasts, the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean flair attract numerous campers every year. These countries are ideal for a motorhome trip, as there are motorhome pitches in almost every coastal town. In addition, you will get a multifaceted impression of different cultures, beaches and cities on the trip. From sandy beaches to gravel fills and shady green areas, everything is included on the trip. France is also a popular destination for motorhome holidaymakers. It offers an incredible variety of landscapes, from the beaches in the south to the vineyards in the east. Depending on the locality, the pitches are cheaper than in other countries and can be accessed without prior notice. Perfect for spontaneous vacationers.

A tip: If you end up at the sea on your trip to Europe from time to time, it is best to choose coastal roads for the trip. This view is priceless with the motorhome!

Enchanting lands in the north

The dramatic landscape of Norway, with its fjords and high mountains, is a must-see for any nature lover. The roads are well maintained and the scenery is simply incredible. There are numerous campsites and motorhome pitches on site that campers can use as they pass through the journey. We continue to Scotland. It’s another great destination for campers who love multifaceted natural spectacles. The Scottish landscape with its green hills and rugged coasts impresses numerous tourists every year and testifies to magnificent beauty. The campsites impress with first-class infrastructure and are located in the middle of the dignified landscape. A place to linger.

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Finding the right destination for the camper

By taking into account the factors mentioned, the choice for the next destination can be ensured. When it comes to rent, the main thing is the fees and collateral, as well as a deposit and the insurance incurred. The countries described are just a few of the many great places that can be visited in Europe with a campervan. It is important to note that some countries have special rules and regulations for motorhome travelers and permits must always be obtained in advance. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the budget and equipment of the motorhome. Once all the legal framework conditions have been clarified and the destinations have been determined, nothing stands in the way of a European trip with the motorhome.