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Auch für ausländische Touristen ein beliebtes Reiseziel: Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bild: canadastock/shutterstock

Germany: The land of poets and thinkers


Why wander far away when the good is so close? Germany is one of the most popular travel destinations. Not only tourists from abroad, but also locals discover the diversity of Germany. Whether singles or couples, families, art enthusiasts, adventurers or athletes: there is the perfect holiday in Germany for them.

The country is so geographically diverse that holidaymakers in this country are offered a lot of variety. The north is particularly popular with families, couples and dog owners. The North Sea and Baltic Sea are lined with beautiful islands and beaches that invite you to surf, sail, fly kites or build sandcastles.

Around 32 percent of Germany’s total land area is covered by forest. A walk through the Teutoburg Forest or Thuringian Forest awakens new spirits and frees you from everyday life. If you like to hike longer distances, you are in good hands in Saxon Switzerland, the Black Forest or the Allgäu . After a good breakfast with fresh bread and coffee or a warming meal such as fries, currywurst or bratwurst with mashed potatoes, you can continue on a journey of discovery.

There is plenty to discover for those interested in culture: Germany is considered a land of thinkers and poets. Goethe, Schiller, Brecht and Kant are just a few of the best-known names who have shaped the country in terms of cultural history. Caspar David Friedrich and August Macke are among the best-known German painters. The cultural landscape in Germany is so widespread that there is something to visit in every major German city: from opera houses, museums and hands-on museums for children to music festivals and literature lectures, everything is there.

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Germany Neuschwanstein
Also a popular destination for foreign tourists: Neuschwanstein Castle, Image: canadastock/shutterstock

The largest German cities include the 4 cities of Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg. Berlin acts as the capital and figurehead of the country. The Reichstag with the glass dome, the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column and Alexanderplatz are just a few interesting sights of the capital. At Checkpoint Charlie, you can still experience the history that once divided Germany in two. Traces of the GDR have been recorded and realistically depicted in many museums in the country.

For city travellers, these and many other cities such as Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg im Breisgau, Dresden, Düsseldorf or Hanover are a must. The Ruhr area, which stretches above Cologne , offers a special experience. The “Ruhr Museum” in Essen presents the history and transformation of the Ruhr area. Since then, former industrial monuments have been converted and used in other ways: For example, there is an open-air cinema in the “Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord” and the “Gasometer” in Oberhausen serves as an exhibition space that scores with a panoramic view over the Ruhr area . If you want to experience the Ruhr area by bike, you should use one of the well-developed hiking and cycling routes, which lead past special cultural sites and rivers.

Germany, Munich Marienplatz
View of Munich’s Marienplatz, Image: Tobias Grosskopf/shutterstock

Not far from the Ruhr area is the Sauerland, which is very popular with skiers and snowboarders. If there is no snow in sight, sports enthusiasts can whiz down the slopes in one of the numerous indoor ski halls in Germany, such as in Neuss or Bottrop. In the cold season, Christmas markets throughout the country also attract visitors with mulled wine and gingerbread.

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In addition to the German language and the single currency, the well-developed transport network is another plus point. Travelling by car, coach, train or plane is therefore comfortable and easy.

Travel information Germany

Capital Berlin
Form of government Parliamentary Federal Republic of Germany
Currency Euro (EUR)
Area approx. 357,385.71 km²
Population approx. 82,521,000 (as of 2016)
Languages German
Electricity grid 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Area code +49
Time zone UTC+1
UTC+2 (March to October)