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Das Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig, Bild: Traveller Martin / shutterstock

Discover Leipzig

A city trip to Leipzig provides variety and relaxation! The charm of the metropolis is fascinating. The bustling city has a lot of history to offer, as almost 1000 years of history are present in almost every corner of the city, which brings with it a unique atmosphere and comprehensive conciseness.
More than half a million people live in Leipzig, but the idyll is still preserved. The city is rightly considered the “Venice of the North”, because romance and delightful conditions are given all around. However, if you want more entertainment, Leipzig is also the right destination. Famous trade fairs and major music events take place just as regularly and a short holiday in winter also has special features for itself. The Christmas market attracts visitors from near and far to the metropolis and gets you in the mood for a wintry season. Nature and art are also closely connected here, so the trip can be active and relaxing.

The right cookie for every taste

Historic city passages are a real splendour and invite you to take a long stroll. Relaxing parks and recreation areas can also be found in Leipzig and make a summer’s day a true time of relaxation. Whether eventful, historic or relaxing, Leipzig offers the ideal place to feel good for every travel enthusiast.
Due to the cultural conditions, the metropolis is also known as “Little Paris” and leaves room for fascinating moments. The city owes its noble touch to classical music. In authentic style, Leipzig presents itself with classic elegance like hardly any other city. World-famous artists such as Bach also lived in Leipzig and shaped the cityscape. Nowadays, the Bach Museum is represented here and is a reminder of eventful art times. Every year there is also the Bach Festival, which is dedicated to the artist. If you want to spend a romantic evening, you will certainly be able to treat yourself to a treat in a Leipzig opera.

The Zoo in Leipzig ensures eventful times

Leipzig, Leipzig Zoo
Giraffes at Leipzig Zoo, Image: MooNam StockPhoto / shutterstock

Leipzig is also a destination with an adventure factor for families with children. Leipzig Zoo provides impressive family outings with a species-rich animal world. After an eventful trip to the zoo, a relaxing time may be appropriate and the time can become pure relaxation in the Rosental Park or in the botanical garden. An important sight is the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

This uniqueness can be reached by bus within a few minutes’ drive. Many visitors purchase the so-called “Leipzig Card” for their stay in the city. With the ticket, every traveller receives a discount on public transport. Discounts are also offered for selected restaurants and venues. If you love all-round cultural experiences, you are sure to find them in Leipzig. Travelers who want to experience a very special museum visit can also visit the Panometer in Leipzig. The Rund-Museum shows 360° panoramic panoramas in true splendor. In combination with a gigantic lighting technology, the impressions are created in a kind of 3D presentation.

Historical discovery tours through the city center

The city center is always a pleasure. In Leipzig, strolling through the small alleys and shopping streets can be combined with historical discovery tours. Augustusplatz, one of the most important squares in the city, is centrally located and is ideal as a starting point. Not particularly far away is the famous St. Nicholas Church, which was built in 1165 and is considered one of Leipzig’s highlights. The Mädlerpassage, on the other hand, invites you to enjoy it and is considered the oldest shopping arcade – the flair is delightful and makes a holiday in Leipzig an experience. But in the city, things are also going up! So the Krochhochhaus is a small fascination and rises 42 meters into the air. The imposing city skyscraper is another skyscraper in the city and impresses with 142 meters in altitude and is an excellent vantage point.

Culinary delights

Leipzig, Grassi Museum
The Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Image: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / shutterstock

The books are at home in Leipzig. The Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany and offers a comprehensive programme of events. However, if you want to visit the fair, you should book a hotel room in good time, because the trade fair event is extremely well attended. In stylish restaurants, sociable clubs and bars, eventful days can be rounded off in Leipzig. From quaint bars to noble restaurants, the locations in Leipzig are absolutely diverse and provide culinary delights.