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Schöne Ziele für einen Radurlaub, Bild: Jacob Lund / shutterstock

Beautiful destinations for a cycling holiday

Cycling holidays are very much in vogue. Tour operators have long recognized this and are enticing with great offers. The possibilities are almost inexhaustible. If you like it, you can cycle through the most beautiful landscapes in Europe or along a themed cycle path. Many people don’t want to travel exclusively by bike on holiday. Then a hotel in a bicycle-friendly location with cycle paths right outside the door is recommended. Not only Germany can be easily explored by bike. There are very well-developed cycle paths throughout Europe, which often even lead past the most beautiful sights of the country. Below are all the tips for the most beautiful European cycling holiday destinations.

Along the German coasts and the islands

Cycling holidays Germany
Relaxed cycling through Germany, Image: Oleksiy Rezin / shutterstock

The cycle paths in Germany are very well developed. Especially along the rivers and seas you will find a whole range of scenically inviting cycling routes. The north of Germany is particularly attractive for cyclists due to its flat location. Here you can cycle along the entire coast without any significant incline. Sylt is very popular with cyclists. The whole island is developed with cycle paths and many are located in the middle of beautiful landscapes or lead directly along the coast. From List to Hörnum you can cycle along cycle paths throughout.

Hotels and campsites are geared towards cycling day tourists and offer offers for holidaymakers who make a bicycle tour of the island. The East Frisian islands and coastal areas also offer attractions for bicycle tourists. Here you can cycle directly on the dike with a fresh breeze and enjoy a fantastic panorama. Most East Frisian islands are car-free and the bicycle is the only means of transport for tourists. A bike tour along the Kiel Canal is also unforgettable. Wanderlust arises, because many a big pot passes by and with a bit of luck you can even see a cruise ship.

Attractive cycle paths along rivers

Europe is crisscrossed by large and small rivers. They all score with beautiful cycle paths that lead directly past the well-known sights and always lead along the banks of the river. One of the most famous is the Elbe Cycle Path. Tourists from all over the world move along the river and discover the well-known landscapes by bike. In addition, the Elbe Cycle Path offers other attractions.

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For example, it often runs along the former German-German border, because the Elbe was also considered the border river between East and West Germany. In addition, stages lead past the German Stork Road. For example, in the Wendland you can admire storks everywhere, which have built their nests on chimneys or old factory storms. Tours along the Rhine are also worthwhile. Interesting cities such as the fashion metropolis of Düsseldorf or the carnival stronghold of Cologne await you here. In between are picturesque natural idylls, such as the Rhine Valley near Königswinter with the island of Nonnenwerth or the Rhine floodplains near Bonn. Great cycling areas also await visitors along the Weser, the Isar and the Lippe.

Denmark is a paradise for cyclists

Copenhagen has been voted the bicycle capital of Europe several times and rightly so. Nowhere else in a capital city can you find such good opportunities for bicycle tourists. The sights can be easily explored by bike. Buses also offer sufficient opportunities for cyclists to take them along. North of Copenhagen there are fantastically located bike paths that lead directly along the coast.

But not only the capital, but also Funen and Jutland attract with unique attractions for cycling holidaymakers. The coastal areas of the Little and Great Belt have a large number of national bicycle lanes. If you want to discover the whole of Denmark , you can simply cycle along the Marguerite Route. The coastal road leads exclusively along the Danish coast and always through particularly beautiful landscapes and nature reserves.

The good thing here is also the flat landscape. Cyclists rarely have to struggle with inclines and so this cycling holiday is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience. There is a lot to see on the routes along the Limfjord. On the Salling peninsula, the cycle path leads over the disused island railway route. From Skive to the Sallingsund Bridge, you cycle through quaint villages with chalk-white churches and the beautiful beaches invite you to linger.

Cycling through the Benelux

The Netherlands is the cycling nation of Europe. The whole country is crisscrossed with cycle paths and the capital Amsterdam also has an exemplary network of cycle paths. A bike tour along the canals or the Dutch North Sea coast is guaranteed to provide plenty of variety. Here you will find well-known cities, such as the cozy cheese town of Alkmaar or the port city of Rotterdam.

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In the hinterland, Bruinisse and Andijk are top-class holiday areas. The border area with Germany and Belgium is also known for its very well-developed cycle paths. Here you will find the border town of Kerkrade with its idyllic market square and the region around Vaals, which is located in the middle of the border triangle. In Belgium, too, you will find excellent cycle paths along the coast. If you like it more sporty, you should set off on tours through the Ardennes. Here you can torture yourself over extreme inclines and are rewarded with fantastic views of picturesque Belgian small towns. Malmedy and the small town of Eupen near the German border are well worth seeing. For nature-loving cyclists, tours through green Luxembourg are a must. The area around Vianden is particularly beautiful.

Cycle tours to Southern Europe

Cycling in Mallorca
Cycling in Mallorca, Image: kovop58 / shutterstock

The south of Europe scores with beautiful weather and well-known sights. Some areas are also attractive for cyclists. The Spanish coastal regions of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada offer charming roads that lead right past the busy beaches.

The island of Mallorca is particularly recommended. Mountain bikers will find the best opportunities here. France has less well-developed cycle paths. But you can cycle safely over remote roads here. These lead, for example, through the landscapes of Provence marked with lavender blossoms or through the green, historic and often deserted region of Picardy. Brittany is particularly attractive for cyclists.

In the low season you will find only a few tourists here and you can enjoy the beautiful beaches alone. If you want to reach these beaches, you have to pedal hard, because first you usually have to conquer extreme gradients. Then it goes steeply downhill directly to the beach with a dream panorama. England offers hardly developed cycle paths. Nevertheless, you should not shy away from a cycling holiday. Most holidaymakers cycle through the Lake District north of Manchester. Some are drawn to the border region with Scotland and the Pennines. But if you cycle here, you need an off-road bike and weatherproof clothing.