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Bei einer romantischen Hochzeitsreise darf ein Candlelight-Dinner nicht fehlen, Bild: Sven Hansche / shutterstock

Beautiful honeymoon destinations

When two people have said “I do”, they want to have a little peace and quiet and time for themselves on their honeymoon after all the festivities and the hustle and bustle that comes with it. It is obvious that this is difficult to achieve within the four walls of one’s own home. Everyday life breaks into the idyll too easily or stressful spontaneous appointments are pushed in between. Therefore, many couples are drawn to faraway places after the wedding ceremony.

On the honeymoon, the focus is only on the new love and nothing else. You just have time for each other and can really enjoy yourself in the distance. But where do you want to go? Because there are many beautiful destinations for the honeymoon. But that’s not a problem: If you read on here, you will get valuable tips and suggestions for planning your honeymoon.

Planning your honeymoon in Spain

Barcelona Beach
The beach of Barcelona, Image: Kert / shutterstock

Spain is still one of the most popular travel destinations in this country. Therefore, this country is of course also suitable for the honeymoon. Because Spain not only stands for beautiful weather and relaxed people, there are also numerous culinary delicacies here that are worth discovering on a dream holiday for two. Just think of the varied tapas of Spanish cuisine and the gossamer Serrano ham that is on the menu here.

The advantages of a honeymoon in this region are obvious: the destination is comparatively quick and uncomplicated to reach. They either drive their own car or travel by plane. For example, you can spend the days in Andalusia or in one of the country’s major metropolises: Madrid or Barcelona. In order to be able to really relax, many people are drawn to the island. This can be, for example, Mallorca, where there are countless beautiful and quiet regions apart from party tourism, or the Canary Islands, where there are pleasant temperatures at almost any time of the year. Ideal for the honeymoon in the winter time. While those who stayed at home are busy shoveling snow at home, the lovers sunbathe.

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Off to Venice: A city trip as a love trip

Grande Canal Venice
Image: Adisa / shutterstock

Other couples prefer a city trip to celebrate love. And where better to do that than in Venice, the city of love? Here, too, couples can easily travel by plane, to Venice Marco Polo Airport or Venice Treviso Airport. From here you can continue by bus. In the city with its charming flair, lovers stroll along the old house fronts and over the numerous bridges that lead over the canals. Of course, a gondola ride is not to be missed on the occasion. The mighty Grand Canal captivates every viewer, as is the Rialto Bridge. It is also worth visiting the city palaces and visiting St. Mark’s Basilica, the famous cathedral with a dome made of gold. It is also fun to simply sit in a café and watch the hustle and bustle on the wide St. Mark’s Square.

Beach vacation in the Caribbean

Martinique offers real Caribbean feeling, Image: Marco Gazzato / shutterstock

There is plenty of everyday gray and bad weather at home. It is therefore advisable to create a pleasant contrast program during the honeymoon. With incredibly soft sandy beaches, wonderful sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the Caribbean can score points. The Dominican Republic and Jamaica are often visited, Barbados is still considered a real insider tip. Barbados is the home of rum and stands for exuberant musical rhythms. The beaches in this region make every holidaymaker believe in paradise on earth. If you have had enough in the fine sand, you can take a short trip into the crystal clear water. The area is also a good address for diving. So lovers can explore the mysteriously colorful underwater worlds here and immerse themselves in other worlds in the truest sense of the word. An unforgettable experience for just about every holidaymaker.

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Honeymoon on the “Islands of Love”

Honeymoon Beach
For many couples, the choice for their honeymoon is an exotic destination, e.g. Mauritius or the Seychelles, Image: Ciurtin Ramona Georgiana / shutterstock

The Seychelles have not been an insider tip for a long time. But that’s not a bad thing. Known as the “Islands of Love”, they are perfectly geared towards honeymooners. So the lovers enjoy the full honeymoon program here. There are numerous romantic hotel resorts where couples can discover beautiful accommodations for their stay in the Seychelles.

Lovers can also choose from idyllic small bed and breakfast offers. And above all, nature knows how to inspire here: Under palm trees, holidaymakers walk hand in hand over the white sand and make plans together. A nice excursion is a trip on a sailing ship. So it is possible to board a catamaran and take a tour that leads out to the turquoise of the Indian Ocean. Couple get to see coral reefs and marvel at the colorful shoals of fish. But it will also be exciting on land. Here, for example, a ride on horseback is offered. Or the newlyweds can go on a hike in the beautiful green of the islands. Everyone gets their money’s worth here.