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Luftaufnahmen vom Hafen und der Stadt Stavoren am IJsselmeer in den Niederlanden, Bild: Steve Photography / shutterstock

From the IJsselmeer to the Baltic Sea, let yourself be inspired by picturesque beaches

When it comes to a great holiday by the sea, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the long flight to the Maldivian islands. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with the whole family, there are beautiful destinations in Europe that guarantee a relaxing beach holiday.

Not far from us are the attractive beaches of our beautiful homeland. But also on the coast of our neighbor, the Netherlands, there are beautiful beaches in front of the Zandvoort apartment . So why break your budget with a trip far away when some picturesque coastlines are right on our doorstep?

Mass tourism is a global problem

View of Zandvoort
View of Zandvoort, Image: Kyara Janssen / shutterstock

Whether in the Hotel Travemünde or elsewhere in the world, most holidaymakers long for a little break with a lot of peace and relaxation. They therefore prefer destinations where mass tourism is not to be expected. Unfortunately, things look rather bad in this regard worldwide, because real insider tips are increasingly a thing of the past.

Mass tourism is also a widespread problem in Europe, because once recommendations have been made public, they quickly become popular holiday destinations. You don’t even have to think about a trip to Greece, Italy or Spain in the high season.

The Mediterranean region has always enjoyed great popularity, so it is difficult to find a quiet spot here. You are more likely to have more luck in the north as well as in Scandinavia. Even if there are less beautiful beaches in Eastern Europe, you can still find them here. For example, some beaches in Romania or Bulgaria on the Black Sea are recommended. You may also be able to try it in the Algarve in Portugal outside the summer holidays.

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Germany: Holidays on the North Sea and Baltic Sea

It doesn’t necessarily have to be abroad, some German beaches enjoy the reputation of being among the most beautiful in Europe . If you want to spend a casual beach holiday, you don’t have to miss out on anything on the North Sea and Baltic Sea . The only disadvantage is that Germany’s coasts usually surprise with capricious weather, so that the summer time between June and August is primarily suitable for a trip. When it comes to a holiday in Germany, the islands of Sylt, Norderney, Rügen, Usedom and Fehmarn are mainly in demand.

Other popular places on the coast of Germany are:

You can easily get there by car or by train. Especially by car, you are mobile on site and can also explore the surrounding landscapes. Perhaps you also want to discover Sweden or Finland , then numerous ports in northern Germany offer the possibility of crossing. Germany has many long and wide sandy beaches and in summer beach holidaymakers can enjoy water temperatures of up to 23 degrees.

Beach holiday in Holland: holidays with children and dog

Holland is known for the fact that dogs are also welcome guests here. That’s why dog owners in particular are drawn to the beaches along the North Sea. Also very popular are the beaches on the inland seas Markermeer and Ijsselmeer. The journey is also comfortable by car.

Afterwards, you can take the ferry to the selected islands. These include the Wadden island of Ameland with its extensive and clean beaches. There are many safe beaches for families with small children, and at low tide you can go on leisurely mudflat walks.

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No less popular is the North Sea island of Texel, where you can also take part in bird excursions. If you love wild natural beaches, you are in good hands in the province of Zeeland. Young people are mainly drawn to Renesse, because this is where the bear is dancing. This place attracts party vacationers in particular, so you won’t find peace and quiet. In Zandvoort you will find a lively nightlife and relaxation in the beautiful nature in equal measure. Every year, thousands of tourists find themselves in Zandvoort, and apart from that, you can reach the capital Amsterdam within 45 minutes by car.