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Playa de Las Teresitas mit dem malerischem Dorf San Andres, Bild: leoks / shutterstock

Tenerife – Island of Fire and Water

Tenerife, the island of eternal spring: With a diameter of 50 and a length of 80 kilometres, Tenerife is considered a mini-continent with many climate and vegetation zones. From 0 – 1550 meters a.s.l., about 2100 different plant species grow. The highest point and highest mountain in Spain is the Pico del Teide with an impressive height of 3718 meters. The national park of the same name is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1402, the island was the last Canarian Island conquered. This lasted until 1496. The last city to be conquered was La Laguna, also the capital from 1496 to 1723, then replaced by Santa Cruz.

Beautiful island with fantastic scenery

It should also be noted that Tenerife takes over the management of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro . The province of Gran Canaria includes Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and 3 other small islands. As the third greenest of the Canary Islands after La Palma and La Gomera, it has made a name for itself. Their biggest export is the banana. Only Isla Bonita (La Palma) has more plantations than Tenerife, the extent is almost endless, especially on the Riviera de Tenerife, the northwest coast. Bananas are planted in monocultures, i.e. harvested all year round. They need up to 25 liters of water per day. In the south, tomato fields are very common. This is the second largest export. Then comes the Strelizie, which was named after the Counts of Strelitz.

Flora and fauna for excursions

The island has several camel taxi stations. Camel rides are very popular in the Canary Islands, just like the tree heaths in the mountains of the island. In its heyday of Jan. until March, they are adorned with pink and white buds. Size: 8- 10 m high. Driving through the Teno Mountains, you will see wide potato fields, the fruits of which have been imported from distant Peru and are bred here in two species: Pasane grass and Pasabenitas. The goose lizard is a subspecies of dandelion and the symbol of the Teno Mountains. The leaves are more pointed than those of dandelions.

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Holiday resorts in Tenerife

Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Costa Adeje, Image: Cristian Balate

The most beautiful resorts on the island are Puerto de la Cruz in the north with its beautiful beaches, Loro Parque and Casino. The harbour and the numerous hotel complexes and bungslows also invite you to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The mountains in the hinterland, which can be climbed on a hike, are particularly charming. There are plenty of well-developed hiking trails in the north of the island.

Playa de Las Americas is located in the south of the island and close to the airport. You can go out to party here and the place with the numerous hotel complexes and the golden sandy beach is often called the “Ballermann of the Canary Islands”. In addition to the party-goers, you can also spend your holiday here very well as a family with children. Especially on the beaches there is a lot going on in summer. Parasols and sun loungers are available for rent. The water is warm and pleasant all year round. In addition to numerous parties that take place here in the clubs and bars, you can of course also try numerous restaurants and different dishes. In addition to typical local cuisine, there are also Asian or African dishes.

Santa Cruz – The beautiful capital

Santa Cruz, Tenerife
The island’s capital Santa Cruz, Image: RossHelen / shutterstock

If you want to go shopping and have a good time, Santa Cruz is the place to be. There are numerous hotels and many small boutiques where you can get things that are otherwise rather rare on the island. The view of the harbour, where cruise ships also anchor, is beautiful. The capital is very popular for a city trip, or even a short vacation. From here you can drive to numerous beaches. If you spend your holiday in Tenerife , you are best off with a rental car anyway.

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Holidays in the middle of nature

The Esperanza Forest is the most famous forest on the island and is located in the middle of a nature reserve, where you can of course also spend the night. In a special way, you get to know the flora and fauna of the island better. The forest stretches along the Curmbre Dorsal, the mountain ridge that adjoins the giant crater Las Canadas to the northeast and breaks off to the surface of La Laguna in the north. Mighty Canary Island pines and eucalyptus trees grow in the forest. This is located in the trade wind fog zone of the island, which makes the dense tree population possible in the first place. The low sleeping water condenses on the long pine needles and the other plants, seeps into the porous volcanic rock and finally accumulates in the cavities with impermeable soil materials. You can experience something like this on one of the numerous ranches that you can rent here. Because from there the way to the forest and the national park is not far.

The west of the island

If you spend your holiday in Los Gigantes, you will see a modern and large coastal town and cannot imagine that a small fishing village still existed here a few years ago. Today, modern hotel complexes line the town, which is not far from the island’s cliffs of the same name. By the way, these are a very popular destination for the island’s guests. But the beach, which is called Playa de los Guios and was created after a volcanic eruption, is particularly beautiful. It has black sand. The rest of the region is steep coast with a depth of up to 450 meters. From the village, you can book whale and dolphin tours. Over the cliffs you have a great view of the lighthouse, which marks the westernmost point of the island. From here there are many opportunities for hiking.