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Kavo Paradiso Beach, Bild: George Papapostolou / shutterstock

The most beautiful resorts in Kos

A holiday in Kos combines relaxation, culture and active sports opportunities in an informative, diverse and varied way. Whether it’s a relaxing or active holiday – endless beaches, unspoilt nature, historical sites, an exciting nightlife and the wide range of sports on offer an always charming and convincing holiday flair with guaranteed sunshine. Shallow and fine sandy beaches, ancient buildings, monuments and cultural assets as well as idyllic villages in the interior offer a wide mix for every guest and visitor of this Greek sunny island.

The most popular places and landscapes in Kos

Mountain village of Zia

Zia, Kos
Zia on Kos, Image: Esin Deniz / shutterstock

The village at the foot of Dikeos (846m altitude) is about 15 kilometers from Kos Town and offers probably the most beautiful sunset view in Greece. In this idyllic mountain village at 300 meters above sea level, various taverns, restaurants, souvenir shops and regular folkloric events provide variety and entertainment.

In addition, a very popular hiking trail begins here, which leads to the summit of the Dikeos Mountains. Here, too, the visitor is offered a fantastic view of Zia, the neighboring islands and the wider mainland.


Tigaki, Kos
The beach of Tigaki, Image: wjarek / shutterstock

The small village (about 250 inhabitants) is characterized by a spacious sandy beach, which offers a very beautiful panoramic view of the island of Pserimos in the opposite direction. Visitors will never get bored in view of the numerous gastronomic offers on the beach and in the village itself.


The popular holiday resort offers a variety of tourist opportunities and fields of activity. The wide and fine sandy beach, the selection of water sports and many taverns, cafeterias and restaurants in the typical style of the country enhance the place as a real “hotspot”.

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Kéfalos Peninsula

Kefalos, Kos
View of Kefalos, Image: Natascha Kaukorat / shutterstock

The small peninsula with its main town of Kefalos has still retained a very natural and home-related charm despite all the tourist development and orientation. An abandoned monastery, the ruins of an old castle and a chapel worth seeing bear witness to the history and history of the region.

In the region, you can also visit the traditional coffee house called “Niotis”, the famous “Windmill of Papavassilies” and formerly inhabited cave passages. The clean beaches with crystal clear waters around Kefalos with its narrow and winding streets offer many opportunities for recreation, relaxation and active water sports.


Lion's Head Fountain Pyli, Kos
The Lion’s Head Fountain, Image: Wojtek Jarco / shutterstock

Located about 17 kilometers from Kos Town, the place is best known for its lion’s head fountain from 1592 in the village center, from which the locals still supply themselves with the precious water. The area near the Dikeos mountain range with its green and fertile slopes is dominated by agricultural cultivation, with the historical ruins of the former city of Palio Pyli above the current location.

In the immediate vicinity of the village square stands a traditional and very well-preserved farmhouse, where visitors can directly and directly experience and practically understand the living conditions of past generations at that time.


The small harbour of Kardamena, Image: Nejdet Duzen / shutterstock

The former fishing village, about 30 kilometres from Kos Town, offers a spacious beach with azure water, numerous attractive offers of water sports and cultural attractions such as the Temple of Apollo and an ancient theatre. The town, which is rather sleepy during the day, is famous and notorious for its intense and vibrant nightlife.

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Numerous bars, British pubs and restaurants offer plenty of variety and entertainment, especially for young people. In addition, the lively clubs and discotheques include exceptionally long opening hours for discerning party fans and persistent night owls.